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Giants free agents 2015: Keep or cut James Brewer?

Should Brewer get one more chance with the Giants?

James Brewer
James Brewer
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Four years into his NFL career, James Brewer should have become a starting offensive lineman for the New York Giants by now. He has all of the requisite physical tools. He is a huge 6-foot-6, 330-pound man. He has power. He has nimble feet that led GM Jerry Reese to suggest he could be a left tackle way back when the Giants drafted him in the fourth round in 2011.

Brewer, though, was little more than an afterthought on the Giants' 53-man roster in 2014. He was on the team, but obviously never really PART of the team. Through Chris Snee's retirement, Geoff Schwartz's injuries, the struggles of John Jerry and Weston Richburg, the Bermuda Triangle disappearance of Brandon Mosley and a one-game cameo by Adam Snyder Brewer was ignored by the Giants.

There has been a constant 'why doesn't Brewer get a chance?' cry in the fan base for years? Many use the 'Tom Coughlin hates young players' refrain as their answer.

Brewer has had four years to prove to Coughlin, and two offensive coordinators, that he belonged on the field. He has not been able to do it. Brewer wasn't good when the Giants were forced to use him in 2013, earning a -9.2 Pro Football Focus grade in 449 snaps. As badly as they needed help in the middle of their line this season, the fact that Brewer only played two games as, basically, last man standing tells you the Giants don't believe he is the answer to their offensive line issues.

Valentine's View: Cut Brewer. I honestly can't imagine the Giants bringing Brewer back in 2015. He has done absolutely nothing to earn it.

Vote in the poll and let us know what you think, Giants fans.