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BBV Mailbag: Switch to the 3-4? Draft priorities? Sign Ndamukong Suh? More questions

Your questions, my answers.

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The Big Blue View Mailbag has been closed for months. In an effort to re-open it this week I solicited questions from Big Blue View followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook. Here are those questions, and my answers.

From Facebook

John Hester: Do u think we will sign a do-it-all TE or a reliable one this off-season?

Ed: I'm not the GM, but if I was it honestly would not be a big priority. I think you continue to allow Larry Donnell and Adrien Robinson to develop. If anything, you find a run-blocking tight end to help there. There are many other areas to focus on.

Sean McKeon: Do you think the Giants will ever go back to a 3-4 defense....they dont really have the LB'S now, but it wouldnt it be nice to prioritize LB, for the 1st time in quite a while.

Ed: I have said previously that I think anything is on the table in terms of scheme ... but I doubt a complete switch to a 3-4 happens now. The 2015 season is a make or break one for Tom Coughlin and I doubt we see a complete scheme change that would take a couple of seasons to fully implement.

Jack McClenahan: OL upgrades -are they needed the most or do we need just better luck with injuries ?

Ed: I have also addressed this one previously. My belief is the Giants are really one solid starter short on the offensive line. We'll see this off-season if they agree.

Robert Corbo: Why hasn't special teams coach been fired?

Ed: Because Tom Coughlin believes in him. Rightly or wrongly is for you to decide, but Coughlin believes in Tom Quinn.

Michael Stroff Does Eli's deal get redone and extended?

Ed: Maybe. Co-owner John Mara was non-committal on that. I would say it probably does, but there is no guarantee.

Anthony Pingicer: First, Gilbride "retires" and they bring in a whole new offensive scheme. Now they fire Fewell and will bring in a new defensive scheme. Do you agree with what ownership has done around Coughlin the past two years? Are they almost setting him up to fail in a way?

Ed: Ownership didn't do anything. Coaching decisions are Coughlin's to make, Mara was clear about that. He will express his opinion to Coughlin, but the head coach will sink or swim with his own decisions. I do agree that Coughlin should still be the head coach, but 2015 can't be another losing year.

Jay Balmer: So with Fewell gone who would like to see as our new defensive coordinator and why?

Ed: It's not up to me, so my opinion doesn't really matter. I don't know who all the candidates will be and I've never met any of them so I really can't make an educated choice here. What I would like is someone who is aggressive, willing to let guys play and allows guys to do what they do best rather than force-feeding a particular scheme and making guys adapt.

Mark Zanetto: Are we going to address linebacker in this years draft? I understand it's a position the Giants don't usually value as a 1st round type pick, and will the emergence of Devon Kennard make Jerry Reese keep looking for diamond in the rough?

Ed: As I said above, what the Giants do is not up to me. I don't know what they will do in the draft yet, and neither do they. Let's see which of their own free agents they keep and who they bring in from other teams. I think they know they need play-makers in their front seven, so let's see how they go about adding them.

Clarence E. White Jr. What's the chances the Giants go after Suh in the off season.

Ed: Slim. And none. And I support that wholeheartedly.

From Twitter

Ed: I don't think anyone can say exactly what will 'save' Coughlin's job. Or, if it needs saving. I do believe a playoff berth takes the heat off of everyone and allows them to ask Coughlin at the end of next season whether or not he wants to continue instead of putting the organization in the position of potentially having to force him out -- a place John Mara clearly does not want to be.

Ed: I have said in the past that I think the Giants could use a pass-catching speed back as a complement to Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams. Will they draft one? Who knows. They have a limited number of selections in the draft, and it would seem apparent that the defensive front seven, the offensive line and probably the safety position all have to be addressed in some way this off season. Will they be in a position to draft a running back? If they run into one they can't pass up, sure, but they  have a lot of things to do. Watch out for Orleans Darkwa, a mid-season pick up the Giants were very impressed with.

Ed: I don't subscribe to the 'a team has to take Position A in Round 1, Position B in Round 2' etc., etc., idea. NFL teams don't, either, with the exception of drafting franchise quarterbacks. That is how you make mistakes and leave better players on the board. You take the best player available who fits your needs whenever your selection comes up. That said, I will repeat that the defensive front seven, the safety position and the offensive line seem like obvious off-season priorities.

NOTE: Thanks to our 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' friends for the questions. We will do this occasionally throughout the off-season.