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Giants free agents 2015: Keep or cut Mike Patterson?

Should veteran defensive tackle be back with the Giants next season?

Mike Patterson
Mike Patterson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Patterson has been a quality NFL defensive tackle for 10 seasons, the last two with the New York Giants. Will the 31-year-old free agent get an 11th NFL season? If he does, will it be with the Giants? Does Patterson even want to continue his NFL career?

After eight seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Patterson signed with the Giants prior to the 2013 season. He played reasonably well for much of the year, fading down the stretch and ending up with a -2.4 Pro Football Focus grade overall in 413 snaps.

In 2014, Patterson was part of a defense that surrendered a league-worst 4.9 yards per carry against the run. Patterson received a -8.7 grade for his run defense this season -- not good for a players whose single real job at this point in his career is to stop the run. Patterson has not had a sack in two seasons with the Giants, and had only a single hurry in 2014. His overall PFF grade was -12.6.

Valentine's View: Cut Patterson. There really is no place for him on the 2015 Giants. Johnathan Hankins, Jay Bromley and Cullen Jenkins occupy three of the team's defensive tackle spots. The Giants need desperately to upgrade the spots that belonged to Patterson and Markus Kuhn.

Your thoughts, Giants fans! Vote in the Patterson poll and let us know if he should be kept or cut.