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Mock Drafts: Jesse is your Big Blue View mock draft champion

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Hail your BBV mock draft champion!

Jesse correctly had Ereck Flowers being selected by the Giants.
Jesse correctly had Ereck Flowers being selected by the Giants.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, The Huddle Report scores submitted mock drafts and top 100 big boards from analysts and draftniks around the country, and crowns champions in both categories. This year's winners were Kevin Hansen of Eat, Drink and Sleep Football with a mock draft score of 53, and Scott Wright of Draft Countdown, who hit 84 of 100 in his top 100 big board.

The Huddle Report scores mock drafts using the following system. One point for correctly getting the player in the first round, two additional points if the team is also correctly chosen. Thus, a correct pick can generate a maximum of three points. Now, let's look at how Big Blue Staff members did. Here are our scores, in order of finish:

Jesse Bartolis (40) -- Jesse correctly matched eight players and teams, and had a total of 24 of the 32 players in the first round correctly identified.

Ed Valentine (37) -- Yours truly had 27 of 32 first-round picks correct, the most of any staff member. I had five players and teams correctly matched.

'Raptor22' (34) -- 'Rap' also had five teams and players correct, but came away matching Jesse with 24 first-round players identified.

'Invictus' (34) -- 'Invictus' mock was identical to 'Rap's' in its success, with five players and teams matched along with 24 first-round picks correctly named.

Alex Sinclair (33) -- Poor Alex, dragging up the rear! Alex had five players and teams matched, and had 23 of the 32 first-round players correctly named.

'Rap', 'Invictus' and Jesse should be proud of the consensus big board we put together. Our big board included 79 of the top 100 players chosen. That's just five behind Wright, three behind Gil Brandt and Mike Mayock, and two behind Mel Kiper Jr.