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Giants draft picks 2015: What the newest New York Giants are saying

Let's hear from some of your 2015 Giants draft choices.

Mykkele Thompson (2) was a surprise pick for the Giants
Mykkele Thompson (2) was a surprise pick for the Giants
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL Draft now behind us, we begin the process of getting to know the players the Giants selected. Let's do a little of that be looking at some of the things those players said on Saturday. First-round pick Ereck Flowers and second-round pick Landon Collins held press conferences you can view at The others spoke briefly to the media Saturday via conference call.

Ereck Flowers

Talking about run blocking, and giving a response that will put a smile on Tom Coughlin's face ...

"I love run blocking. That has dated back to high school. My running back from college went to the same high school as me. Mostly what we did was run the ball. ... Opening the holes, watching the [running back] get through and running the ball wins games. [I enjoy] everything about it."

A seemingly soft-spoken big man, here is Flowers on the idea that he has a mean streak on the field ...

"It is just who I am ... It is how you were taught to play. In high school the coaches I had - we had to play a certain way. After playing a certain way, it just becomes who you are. I can't really sit here and say I have a certain mindset. It is just how I play."

Landon Collins

On becoming an NFL player ...

It is a dream come true. Walking in here and finally having your name called and to be at the facility that you are going to be playing at for the next few years it is just a dream come true. You always dreamed of this moment, so when it actually happens a sigh of relief takes place.

Admitting that it bothered him when analysts said he was only a 'box' safety ...

Yes, sir, it did. I played in the box at Alabama, but I was a safety. It was not an in the box safety. I played free, strong and played our money position, which was our fifth [defensive back] on the field. [I] was not just an in the box safety. ... I'm going to show them I'm an all-around safety. That's all I can say."

Mykkele Thompson

On being drafted in the fifth round when many thought he would be an undrafted free agent ...

"It was a surprise to me. I don't even know how to explain it right now. ... This was the only team I took a visit up to. I'm just glad they believed in my ability and picked me up. ... I had no clue when or if my name would get picked."

Geremy Davis

On what the sixth-round pick can bring to the Giants ...

"From a receiving standpoint, I am a big, physical guy. I am not afraid to open up big blocks for running backs and other receivers. I am not afraid to go across the middle. I have great hands. From a special teams standpoint, I can use my physicality on the front line for kickoff returns or blocking for the punt, running down on the kickoff and making a tackle. I am just going to give my all."

Bobby Hart

On the idea of moving from tackle, which he played at Florida State, to guard in the NFL ...

"I played guard my sophomore year and then in practice a little bit this year. Guard is fine with me. Whatever they need me to play, that's what I'm willing to play ... With any new position there are new challenges, but I'm up for all of the challenges ahead."