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2015 Draft class power rankings: How did the Giants fare?

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Another look back at the 2015 NFL Draft. This time with a bit of a twist.

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Question: What are two things everybody loves to hate?

Answer: Draft Grades and Power Rankings.

Rather than just be content with just grading each team's draft like everybody else, or offering post-draft power rankings, the good folks over at the NFL have combined the two into a single list.

To make their list, they used senior analyst Gil Brandt's "Hot 100 Prospects" list, and assigned a point value based on where each prospect falls on the list. The top prospect was worth 100 points, and the value decreased from there.

So then, how did the New York Giants fare in this mash-up? Did Reese score a chocolaty-peanut confection of excellence, or do they rank with 10 year old circus peanuts and candy corn?

Perhaps surprisingly to those who have focused on the last day of the draft, the Giants scored well.

8. New York Giants: 213 points (3 players)

Overview: The Giants ended up with three Hot 100 players; each was in the top 50 on Brandt's list. New York got two of Brandt's top 25, selecting OT Ereck Flowers in the first round and S Landon Collins in the second. Flowers was 16th on Brandt's list, Collins 25th. They also got good value with third-round pick Owamagbe Odighizuwa; they drafted him 74th overall, and he was 49th on Brandt's list.

The players (points)

No. 16 OT Ereck Flowers, Miami (85)
No. 25 S Landon Collins, Alabama (76)
No. 49 DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa, UCLA (52)

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The Giants only finished a paltry three (3) points behind the Chicago Bears at seventh, and eight (8) points behind the Houston Texans at 6th. The only NFC East team to score better than the Giants is the Dallas Cowboys, who ranked third. That, however is taking into account their signing of La'El Collins after the draft. If the creator of the rankings had stuck purely to players drafted, the Cowboys would have ranked 17th, just above the Redskins with two "Top 100" players drafted for 151 points.

Ultimately this doesn't mean much. How players were evaluated before the draft will have little to no bearing on how they perform once the season starts, or which team really had the best draft. But for the middle of May, it's sometimes nice to see a different take on something you have seen a dozen times before. And in this case, one that is a bit more flattering to the GIants than the "B-" draft grade they received from most outlets.