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POLL: Should New York Giants select Randy Gregory in Round 2 of 2015 NFL Draft?

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Randy Gregory
Randy Gregory
Eric Francis/Getty Images

The question keeps coming up on Twitter and in the comments here at Big Blue View. Should the New York Giants draft Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory if he is still available to them Friday night at No. 40 in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft? So, let's vote on it. Use the poll at the end of the post, a simple 'yes, you would' or 'no, you would not' draft him if the choice was up to you question.

Gregory, of course, is the talented Nebraska pass rusher whose draft stock has taken a tremendous tumble due to a positive drug test at the NFL Combine and other character concerns. Once thought to be a lock to be selected in the top 10, Gregory is still waiting to hear his name called. No one has any real idea how long he is going to have to sit by the phone.

Gregory is the eighth-ranked player on the Big Blue View Big Board, by far the highest-rated player yet to be selected. He is the fifth-ranked player on the Mocking The Draft Big Board, again the highest-rated player still without an NFL team.

Gregory offers elite pass-rushing skills, but there are many other questions about him aside from character. He weighed 235 pounds at the combine and was reportedly as light as 220 pounds last season. Can he actually play defensive end in a 4-3? If not, is he an outside linebacker?

In my view, the Giants should look elsewhere in the draft. Between the off-field issues and the fact on the field there doesn't seem to be a real spot for him with a true 4-3 team like the Giants it would seem smarter to pass on Gregory.

Vote in the poll and let us know if you agree or diagree.