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2015 NFL Draft: Dolphins want to trade into top 10, should Giants make a deal?

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Would this be a good or bad move for the Giants?

Kevin White
Kevin White
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins, who have the 14th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, are reportedly looking for a way into the top 10. If the Dolphins come calling, should GM Jerry Reese and the New York Giants oblige them by moving back from the No. 9 overall pick?

We have discussed this topic before, of course. We have not, however, discussed this scenario.

[Why the Giants should trade downWhy the Giants should stay at No. 9]

First and foremost, let's acknowledge that this is really an impossible decision to make today. It depends entirely on the players available with the ninth pick, whether or not the Giants see a player at nine they really want, and whether they think there will be one at 14 they would be equally happy with.

Rob Rang of CBS Sports reported that the Dolphins want to get into the top 10, perhaps higher than the Giants' slot at No. 9, in an effort to land a big-time wide receiver. The guy Rang says they are fishing for is Kevin White of West Virginia. Rang indicates the Dolphins are likely to target a wide receiver regardless of where they select.

So, back to the Giants. What if White, Amari Cooper or Devante Parker is available at nine and Miami GM Dennis Hickey calls Reese's number? Do you say yes to Miami's overture and trade back? Not if you are targeting one of those wide receivers yourself. Not if you have convinced yourself there is a 'must-have' offensive lineman or defensive difference-maker at nine you want to select. What, however, if Reese and the Giants are not in love with their choices and believe they can get an equally good player at 14?

There is one more fly in the ointment of making a deal with the Dolphins. Miami has only six picks in this draft. The trade value chart shows that to drop down five spots the Giants would need Miami to toss in a third-round pick, preferably a top half of the third round selection. The Dolphins don't have a third-round pick. Perhaps the Giants could request Miami's fourth-round (114th) and fifth-round (149th) picks, but would Miami do that? Would they leave themselves with only four picks in this draft? Would that even be worth it to the Giants?

Anyway, it's an interesting scenario to discuss. Put yourself in Reese's shoes. What would you do here if the Dolphins call?