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2015 NFL Draft: Ereck Flowers 'ready to take this next step' with Giants

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Flowers confident he can help the Giants

Roger Goodell announces the selection of Ereck Flowers by the Giants on Thursday night
Roger Goodell announces the selection of Ereck Flowers by the Giants on Thursday night
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Ereck Flowers turned 21 years old less than a week ago. For all of his size, strength and athleticism there are those who look at him and see an unpolished player with technique issues and a long learning curve ahead of him to become a top-notch NFL offensive tackle.

Flowers told reporters on Thursday night that he knows he isn't a finished product.

"I think I'm a player who needs to work on everything. I think I've got a long ways to go and I'm ready to go that way. I love everything about football, so I'm pretty happy about the confidence in myself. I'm just ready to take this next step," Flowers said. "I think I'm a pretty good run-blocker. I think I show a good amount of athleticism. I think I'm a pretty good reach-blocker, but other than that, I think I can improve in everything, including the things that I would say I do pretty well at. I'm ready to make those improvements."

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Flowers had draw interest from the Giants during the pre-draft process and had visited the team in New Jersey. Still, he had no expectations Thursday and said he was "really surprised" when the call came that he would be the Giants' pick.

What does Flowers think of the idea that he plays the game with a mean streak?

"I like to really get into the game, and I really play with a lot of passion. I love the game of football," Flowers said.

Despite his youth, Flowers believes he can help the Giants right away.

"I have a lot of confidence in myself and whatever I do or I wouldn't be playing this sport at all or doing any of the stuff I do. It's really just the confidence in myself and what I see in myself," he said. "I can't really sit here and persuade you, but I'm confident in myself and what I do."

The Giants have not said whether Flowers will begin his NFL career at right tackle or at guard. Flowers has never played guard, but said "I'm ready to play wherever."

The Giants hope he's right.