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Giants' draft picks 2015: Jerry Reese calls Ereck Flowers 'a big, tough guy'

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Reese explains selection of Flowers with ninth overall pick.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have the reputation of being a team that adheres to a belief in a certain physical profile, especially along the offensive and defensive lines. They love size. They love long arms. They love physical players. Former Giants scout Dan Hatman told us their feeling is simply "big people beat up little people."

So, the selection of offensive tackle Ereck Flowers with the ninth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft should probably not come as a surprise. At 6-foot-6, 329 pounds with 34½ inch arms and having put up 37 bench press reps to lead offensive linemen at the NFL Combine, Flowers fits the profile to a T. Not to mention the fact that at barely 21 years of age he is a high-upside player whose best football should be ahead of him.

Giants' general manager Jerry Reese called him "a gigantic human being" and referenced his strength, youth and upside.

"Lot of things to like about him," Reese said in his opening statement. "He can play left or right tackle. That's up to Coach Coughlin where he plays, but we think he can be a long-time tackle for the New York Giants."

Reese did say he would project Flowers as a left tackle eventually.

"You would think he can play left tackle. He could play right tackle. We project him as a really good football player, first, and where he ends up, that's up to our coaches," Reese said. "We think this is a good need and a value pick for us. We think this can help solidify the offensive line, so hopefully this will settle the offensive line down and we don't have to keep talking about the offensive line as much."

On, director of player personnel Marc Ross called Flowers a "man-child and added that he is "a nasty, physical player.

Reese also said Flowers' physical style got the Giants attention.

"He's just a big, tough guy. That's one of the things when you talk to the coaches down there, it's like this guy doesn't take any crap from anybody. We like that and you can see that in his play. He likes to finish guys off and that kind of fits the offensive profile that we like. We like some big, tough guys with a little bit of a nasty streak," Reese said.