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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Ereck Flowers to Giants at No. 9

Jesse offers up our final mock draft for the 2015 NFL Draft.

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It is finally draft day. Rejoice! No more hypothetical, no more wondering what will happen, only results. Well, I mean we'll wonder what will happen for the season and what kind of expectations we can put on the players, but that's for another day. Here is what I came up with for a final mock draft.

And here's a couple prefaces. The goal here is to get player and team right, not player in draft slot right, and while I didn't actually predict any trades. There are a few player fits I think will happen so if you see a player go higher than you expect (Scherff for example) it might be in a trade-down move. I'll try to note where I think potential trades make sense.

Secondly, I have been pretty good at these in the past, but this year feels like a huge cluster, so I really feel like this could be way off, but I'll go back to one of my major rules is that after you leave the top five, take most consensus picks and ignore them. Then go with the backup-options. The less you hear about a player-team connection sometimes the more accurate it can be.  Now there are some that make so much sense in terms of a needs and value standpoint that I'll go with the consensus, but here goes nothing.

Me throwing darts at a dartboard.


Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State Boring!


Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee

And here is where all mock drafts could absolutely blow up. I'm going to guess the Titans take Mariota and then wait to see if they can make a move later (a la Eli and Philip Rivers), and then if they can't they can still have a franchise signal-caller they don't feel they have to rush as he adjusts to the NFL because they like Mettenberger.

Crazy Cleveland and crazy Philadelphia could blow this up, though.


Leonard Williams, DL, USC Too much Dante Fowler love here. Makes a lot of sense, but last year no one knew they were taking Blake Bortles, so I'll go differently here. Considered Beasley. but I don't think they'll pass up the best player in the draft because they need a pass rusher. They are picking third overall because they need everything.


Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama Al Davis takes Kevin White. Does Reggie McKenzie?


Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa This is the first major trade down candidate for me. I think the Redskins are going to try a whole new approach to the draft with their new general manager. They move back a few slots and take the least flashy pick possible, but also a player they need.


Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford In one of my first mocks I really considered having the Jets take La'el Collins. Offensive line makes a lot of sense to me as they have the defensive pieces, they have offensive weapons, they don't have a good offensive line. They need Geno Smith to figure it out.


Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State I see Kevin White here a lot, but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Trade away a #1 WR to draft a No. 1 WR? Maybe. They need more help on defense, and Peter King a while back (which is information I trust more) called this a prime nine draft with Waynes as one of the nine.  Defense makes the most sense to me.


Dante Fowler, JR EDGE, Florida Trade up with the Redskins. I think the Jets could really like Beasley but if Folwer's here they will definitely move up. The Falcons move up to secure getting him before both the Jets and the Bears pick. They are not a team afraid to move up. If they stay put offensive line makes sense. If they also have been spoiled with the two great WR and recognize Roddy White is aging they might make a play for a WR.


Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami

I think this pick is Scherff IF available, I also think Waynes makes sense. Hedging my bets here, but in this mock the Redskins move back with the Falcons, stay ahead of the Giants and grab Scherff. Flowers makes sense for a lot of reasons for the Giants which have been detailed plenty, but basically all you need to know is that he the biggest and strongest top offensive linemen prospect in the class. Oh, and the youngest. He should contribute early and could develop into the best offensive linemen in a few years. I think Flowers could even be the pick if Scherf and Waynes are available. The Giants could also be a short-trade down candidate.

But to recap if I had to guess it goes:  #1 options, Scherff, #2 option, Waynes, #3Peat, but none are available here so it's Flowers in a possible short trade down scenario. I think Dupree also makes sense, he fits the mold and the Giants need help on defense.


Cameron Erving, OL, Florida State Trade down. The Rams, seeing all the top offensive linemen gone, move down and get a versatile offensive linemen they feel they can play in any of the three interior positions, or tackle in a pinch.


DeVante Parker, WR, Lousville Reuniting college QB and WR is a good story, but it also makes sense from a value and needs standpoint. Adding a WR that Bridgewater is already comfortable with should only help his development, and getting Bridgewater to play his absolute best is essential if they want to compete against the likes of Aaron Rodgers. The Vikings have a surprisingly good roster.


Kevin White, WR, West Virginia I think the Browns make an aggressive move up to secure White somewhere in the top 10, possibly with Chicago or the Giants. If they can't get Mariota they'll make a splash somehow. I'd expect them to stay as far away as possible from any character guys.


Vic Beasley EDGE, Clemson Vic Beasley has tremendous athletic ability and good character. He lacks some size, but the Saints take the chance.


Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF Trade Mike Wallace to get a lesser version of Mike Wallace seems like a very Dolphins like thing to do. 


Arik Armstead, DL, Oregon One of the few "consensus" picks. I absolutely love the fit from a team needs and value perspective.


Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest The Texans value character greatly. Johnson is a productive starter at a position they could use more good players at. I considered Melvin Gordon here as well. They are a different team when Arian Foster is healthy, but he's aging.


Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia They could be the team that trades up with the Rams. Chargers get Rivers another weapon to prod him towards signing on the dotted line.


Danny Shelton, DL, Washington Surprise pick, and not one that's often mocked (Shelton almost always goes to Cleveland at 12), but Andy Reid likes his big linemen and the two guys that aren't Dontari Poe starting on their DL are Mike Devito and Jaye Howard


Landon Collins, S, Alabama I've read that they don't believe they'll be able to re-sigh Tashaun Gipson long term, which means they'll need the help.


Nelson Agholor, WR, USC If Chip Kelly had Odell Beckham Jr. No. 1 overall on his board last year as he claims then he should like Agholor, who is Beckham lite. Assuming, of course he doesn't trade away his children (does he have them?) to get Mariota.


Randy Gregory, EDGE, Nebraska The Bengals have been willing to take chances on less then clean guys with success. Gregory, is a top five player in this draft and could be a great edge rusher, which the Bengals need.


Shane Ray, EDGE, Missouri They missed on Jarvis Jones, but they like productive college players. The pot bust could knock him out of the first round, but he could also fall iright into Pittsburgh's lap. I'm not sure if the schematic fit is great, which gives me pause.


Byron Jones, CB, UCONN Rashean Mathis is a projected starter for the Lions at cornerback and I believe he turns 50 this year. They need to add some talented youth there. They also don't have great safeties, so he could play either spot.


D.J. Humpries, OL, Florida I considered him much higher. He could go very high, Bob McGinn's draft series as him as the No. 3 offensive tackle in this class.


Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin What they really wanted was for an offensive linemen to fall into their laps. None did, so they take the best player on the board.


Cedric Ogbuhei, OL, Texas A & M The Ravens are a smart organization. They need help along their offensive line, but they are good enough to take a talented player and let him recover while they still win ball games. Could be a big difference maker for them when healthy.


Preston Smith, DL, Mississippi State One of my favorite players in the draft. Reminds me of Justin Tuck, and I think he fits the Giants perfectly. Unfortunately, he ends up here with the Cowboys. I'd expect them to go defense.


T.J. Clemmings, OL, Pittsburgh I haven't been able to pinpoint the Broncos in their draft strategies, so this is a true dart board pick.


Mario Edwards, DL, Florida State They need help along the defensive line. Considered Jordan Phillips here as well.


Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State His presence allows the Packers to move Clay Matthews back outside to give their pass rush a boost. Plus, McKinney is big, productive, and athletic. McKinney might not be great, but I think he's one of the safer second-tier prospects in the draft.


Max Williams, TE, Minnesota A need pick. It happens. I think a trade back here is also possible with a team looking for QB Bryce Petty possibly moving up into this range. Or other players like Jaelen Strong, or if someone believes in La'el Collins despite his crazy story.


Owamagbe Odighiquwa, DE, UCLA Wanted to fit La'el Collins in the first round somewhere, but if you were a team could you take a guy even if it's a 25 percent chance he might be involved in this bizarre murder story -- especially not the Patriots, who just went through that.

Final thoughts

And there you have it, the last mock draft you have to read. I realize I do not have Malcolm Brown or La'el Collins in my final mock.  My final thought would be that when doing this mock I'm reminded how poor offensive lines are all across the league. The Giants are not alone. There could be more wide receivers going in the first round than I have, but I went heavy on the offensive line. We will see tonight.  I also feel comfortable between Invictus (Peat), Raptor (Dupree), Ed (Scherff) and me (Flowers) we'll get the Giants pick right as a team. Go team! (now watch it be White or Gurley).