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New York Giants 2015 NFL Draft preview: Everything you need to know

Let's get ready for the draft.

Finally! The day the 2015 NFL Draft begins in here. What will the New York Giants do with their first pick, ninth overall? Trade up? Trade down? Stay put? Who will they select? What will they do with their other seven picks on the final two days of the draft?

We have been debating these and many more draft-related questions for months now. We finally begin to get answers Thursday night. Then we can begin debating whether or not GM Jerry Reese and the Giants did the right things during this draft.

Here is everything you need to know about the draft, which begins at 8 p.m. ET. Television coverage, as is traditional, will be provided by both ESPN and NFL Network.

Giants' round-by-round selections

Round 1 (No. 9)

Round 2 (No. 40)

Round 3 (No. 74)

Round 4 (No. 108)

Round 5 (No. 144)

Round 6 (186)

Round 7 (No. 226)

Round 7 (No. 245, from Broncos for Brandon McManus)

A few fun facts

  • This is the first time in the Jerry Reese era as GM that the Giants have picked inside of the top 10.
  • The Giants have never drafted ninth overall during the modern era of football.
  • The only time the Giants did draft ninth came in 1936. That year, they selected tackle Art Lewis from Ohio University.

Big Blue View Draft resources

Here are some of the resources right here at Big Blue View that you might want to refer to during the draft.

Big Blue View staff mock drafts

SB Nation Draft resources

Dan Kadar does fantastic work over at Mocking The Draft. Here are links to some of his best work, as well the work of former NFL defensive lineman Stephen White and the rest of the SB Nation NFL team.

SB Nation 2015 NFL Draft Guide