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2015 NFL Draft rumors: Leonard Williams to Giants? Hold the phone

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The rumors are flying fast and furious with the draft slightly more than 24 hours away.

Leonard Williams
Leonard Williams
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Many of the top 2015 NFL Draft prospects are in Chicago at this point, and so are many members of the media. Which means the rumors are flying even faster and more furiously. The biggest one impacting the New York Giants regards defensive tackle Leonard Williams.

Let's not get crazy here. Collecting contact information for draft prospects is part of the process, it is standard operating procedure. This does not mean the Giants are targeting Williams or intend to trade up to get him. They have the ninth pick. What it likely means is that if Williams somehow falls to their range, or reaches No. 5 where the Washington Redskins are reportedly amenable to making a trade, the Giants don't want to get caught with no way to contact Williams.

Williams is the No. 1 player on the Big Blue View Big Board, and on most big boards. If the Giants were to trade up, most voters in our recent poll (43 percent, or 1,261 of 2,903 voters) would like to see Williams be the target. In a prospect profile of Williams, Invictus says:

He's an explosive, violent playmaker with the length, power, and upside that the Giants would crave. He can play defensive end and 3 technique in our scheme and has the potential to dominate next to Johnathan Hankins. Not really much more to say.

The NFL trade value chart says it would probably cost the Giants their second-round pick to move from No. 9 to No. 5. Is that a price you would pay for Williams?

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Scherff met with Giants two weeks ago

Brandon Scherff told reporters in Chicago that he met with the Giants two weeks ago. In terms of position, he told the Giants he would play "whatever you want." He also told reporters he was "flattered" that Justin Pugh wants the Giants to draft him. A source also told me recently that several members of the Giants organization worked Scherff out privately in Iowa.