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2015 NFL mock draft: Iowa OT Brandon Scherff to the Giants more time

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Yes, I did. And yes, you knew I would.

Brandon Scherff
Brandon Scherff
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Invictus, Raptor and Jesse have had their fun with mock drafts. Many of you have been mocking the constant, and admittedly tiresome, talk about a certain Iowa offensive lineman leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft here at Big Blue View. Well, in my one and only 2015 NFL mock draft I have done precisely what many of you figured I would do.

So, here we go.


Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State Do I really have to waste words explaining this one? It's the one pick in this draft EVERYBODY should get right.


Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon Truth is, I will be shocked if the Titans make this pick. I'm not doing trades here, though. If Tennessee does make the pick the only reason will be because they want Mariota. This pick could end up being made by Cleveland, San Diego or Philadelphia. Whoever makes it, the pick seems like it will be Mariota.


Leonard Williams, DT, USC I went back-and-forth on this pick. The Jags have been connected to edge rushers Dante Fowler Jr. and Vic Beasley, but I kept coming back to the voice that says "trust the evaluation, pick the best players." We have Williams rated as the best player in this draft, so he's the pick here.


Kevin White, WR, West Virginia The Raiders have their quarterback in Derek Carr. Now they try to get him a big-play weapon. For my money, I would take Amari Cooper here because I think he's a safey pick than White. These, however, are the Raiders and the Al Davis philosophy still matters.


Dante Fowler, DE, Florida Giants' fans should be wary of the fact that Washington finally has a GM who knows what he's doing in Scott McCloughan. Here, the Redskins find a perfect match of value and need are very happy to take Fowler off the board.


Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama In our scenario the Jets remain stuck with Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick as their quarterbacks. The best they can do is get them some explosive weapons. For me, Cooper is the safest offensive play-maker in the entire draft class.


Danny Shelton, DT, Washington With John Fox now coaching the Bears they are transitioning to the 3-4 defense. Shelton can be the massive man in the middle they build that defense around. White or Cooper would have been fits here, but both are already spoken for.


Vic Beasley, EDGE, Clemson The only thing I think I know about this pick is that it will be an edge rusher. Unless, of course, it is Georgia running back Todd Gurley. I think Shane Ray and Randy Gregory have knocked themselves out of the top 10. Which means this is either Beasley or Bud Dupree. I feel better about Beasley as a long-term hybrid type on the edge.


Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa I know, I know, I know already. This is exactly the pick everyone on the planet who has been reading BBV for the past few months expected me to make. It's the one I made in the SBN bloggers mock draft. It's the one I made in other mocks I was asked to participate in. There are many of you believe I have been 'campaigning' for Scherff for months now, when that isn't the case. I have just been reporting what has been out there -- the fact that most people have considered the Iowa offensive tackle the favorite for the Giants at No. 9 since the pre-draft process begin.

Truth is, I agonized over this pick for the past two days. I filled in the entire mock leaving the Giants' pick and the one right after it for the St. Louis Rams until last. That's because I think the way this draft fell the Rams happily take whichever offensive lineman the Giants leave them.

I flip-flopped on this pick a number of times. There is a great argument to be made for Peat in that he is the most natural tackle, and is pro-ready at least on the right side. Well-connected draft insider Tony Pauline believes Peat is the Giants' top target. Invictus chose Peat for the Giants in his mock, and I value his knowledge. Other sources I respect tell me the same. There is logic to that. Peat can go to right tackle with Justin Pugh going inside, and he could be a natural replacement down the road for Will Beatty. Peat is a terrific pass blocker, he moves well, he's athletic. He has a ton of things the Giants like. The one thing he isn't is a mauling, road-grading run blocker. If the Giants grab an offensive lineman at No. 9 and Tom Coughlin gets what he wants that lineman will be a guy who can dominate people in the run game.

Ultimately, that is why I stuck with Scherff. Scott Wright of Draft Countdown told me months ago that Scherff is the "perfect pick" for the Giants. He was then. He still is now. He is a perfect Tom Coughlin football. Big, mean, technically sound, versatile, an absolute mauler in the run game. A guy who could play multiple positions, something the Giants value highly. David Diehl selected him for the Giants in a mock draft. Paul Dottino of WFAN, as well-connected inside the Giants organization as anyone, thinks Scherff is the guy. Ex-Giant David Carr recently took Scherff in a mock and said that Chris Snee, who has been evaluating OL film for the Giants, "loves" Scherff. Jesse picked him in his latest mock.

What about the whole left tackle thing? Well, I think a few things there. First of all, look around the NFL. Jake Long succeeded for a long time at left tackle. There are a number of good left tackles who don't qualify as "dancing bear" types. Scherff might be one, he might not. He's a guy who could play four, possibly five positions and excel at all of them. There is tremendous value in that. I would also argue that perhaps left tackle is overblown. Good pass rushers come from everywhere, and good offensive coordinators will attack the weakest link on a line no matter what spot he plays.

Would I be surprised if the Giants do something other than select Scherff here, if he is is still on the board? Not all. Peat, Ereck Flowers, Bud Dupree all make sense. Dante Fowler or Amari Cooper if one of them falls makes sense.

In this scenario, though, I will go with Scherff. Exactly as you knew I would.


Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford All I can say is the Rams' offensive line is a hot mess. They gladly take Peat here.


Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan St. I honestly have no idea what the Vikings will do here. Many would like to see them grab DeVante Parker and reunite him with his college quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. I am defaulting to the majority of mock draft tracked by SB Nation's Daily Norseman, which have the Vikings going with cornerback Trae Waynes. Of course, DN fully expects the Vikings to trade out of this slot.


DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville The Browns get really lucky here. No trades in this mock, so they can't go up and get Marcus Mariota or move into the top 10 to ensure getting one of the top three wide receivers. They still find Parker here, and happily snag him.


Randy Gregory, EDGE, Nebraska Somebody has to bite the bullet and take Gregory. The Saints need an infusion of talent on defense, and the guy who might be the best pure pass rusher in the draft fills the bill. Rob Ryan will be drooling.


Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia Where there is smoke, there isn't always fire when it comes to NFL Draft chatter. In this case, though, I am going to buy the talk that Gurley is a guy the Dolphins won't pass on. Dolphins fans at SBN's The Phinsider would be happy with me here.


Arik Armstead, DL, Oregon Sort of like Brandon Scherff and the Giants. Analysts and mock drafters have been connecting the dots on this one forever. So, I will go with the flow.


Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State The common perception seems to be that the Texans will take a wide receiver here. I will buy what Mocking The Draft analyst Dan Kadar has been selling, which is that Strong is their guy.


Bud Dupree, EDGE, Kentucky Dupree is excellent value at a position of need right here. The Chargers were 29th in the league in sacks last season. Running back Melvin Gordon is a consideration, as is the offensive line. I go with the pass rusher.


Cameron Erving, OC, Florida This pick could be a wide receiver. It could be La'el Collins or Ereck Flowers. If they go offensive line, Erving could be the most natural fit since former starter Rodney Hudson left for the Oakland Raiders via free agency.


Malcom Brown, DT, Texas The Browns got the wide receiver they coveted at No. 12. Here, Cleveland could, maybe I need to say should, go with whoever they see as the highest-rated offensive or defensive lineman. On our Big Board, that's Brown.


Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF I am almost positive the Eagles will not be picking here at 20. Since they are in this draft, though, I have to give them somebody. I think Chip Kelly tries to replenish his wide receiver corps.


Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami Cincinnati could go a bunch of different directions here. One massive need for the Bengals is left tackle. Choosing between Flowers and La'el Collins here I went with Flowers simply because of the greater probability he could play left tackle in the NFL eventually.


Marcus Peters, CB, Washington Cornerback seems to be the direction most expect the Steelers to go in with this pick. There are character concerns with Peters, but he's the next cornerback on our Big Board and should be solid value here.


La'el Collins, OL, LSU The Lions need help at a variety of offensive line spots. Collins has the versatility to fill right tacke, either guard or maybe even left tackle down the road.


Shane Ray, OLB/DE, Missouri

A top 10 talent at a position of need sitting at No. 24? The Cardinals say 'thank you very much' and swoop in without hesitation.


D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida Across the board analysts seem to believe that the Panthers will look for a left tackle with this pick. Humphries seems to be the majority pick, and he is also the highest-rated tackle left on our Big Board.


Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami The way the draft has gone thus far the Ravens could go for either a cornerback or a play-making wide receiver here. I'm going to opt to try give Joe Flacco a play-making weapon.


Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest 'Invictus' made this pick. Dan Kadar of Mocking The Draft made this pick. A lot of smart draft analysts think corner is the pick for Dallas here, and Johnson is the top corner on our board.


T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh The Broncos need to fortify an offensive line that has holes, especially after Orlando Franklin left via free agency. Jake fisher is the top tackle on our board, but I think the Broncos swing for the high upside of Clemmings if they go offensive line here.


Damarious Randall, FS, Arizona State Tony Pauline of Draft Insider is adamant that the Colts won't let Randall past this pick. Honestly, I don't see Randall as a first-round talent but I will go with the belief of someone much closer to this than I am.


Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA The Packers have parted ways with A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones and Jamari Lattimore at inside linebacker. Kendricks is the top-rated inside linebacker on our board, the only one with a first-round grade. He's the pick.


Nelson Agholor, WR, USC The Saints traded away Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills. Marques Colston is past his prime. New Orleans needs weapons for Drew Brees. Agholor is in the first-round discussion and should be a good fit here.


Shaq Thompson. LB/S, Washington I honestly have no idea what Bill Belichick will do here. I just think he would love to have a guy with the versatility of Thompson to mess around with on defense.