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2015 NFL Draft: Is there a player the Giants should trade up for?

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Is the Giants were to trade up, who would the target be?

Amari Cooper
Amari Cooper
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

You knew he would say it, and GM Jerry Reese didn't disappoint during his Thursday pre-draft press conference. The Giants will, of course, "keep all of our options open" when it comes to maneuvering with the ninth overall pick.

"We can trade up and we can trade down. That doesn't change. We are not looking to trade just to try to be cute to trade up or down. If we think we have an opportunity to move up, then we will move up. If we have an opportunity to move back, then we will do that as well," Reese said.

We have talked plenty about moving DOWN from the ninth overall pick. Let's talk about moving UP. Are there any players at the top of the board worth mortgaging a couple of draft picks for in order to move up? Personally, considering the configuration of the Giants' roster and the players likely to be available at nine -- and in the second and third rounds -- I don't see a reason for going up.

I do, however, see a few players who might entice Reese and the Giants to think about it. Those players:

  • USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams
  • Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper
  • Florida defensive end Dante Fowler Jr.

Other than those three, there would seem little reason for the Giants to be tempted to do anything but sit at nine and -- as the scouts say -- wait for the board to come to them.

Vote in our poll and let us know the player for whom you would make a trade up in this draft.