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2015 NFL Draft: Nine for Giants at No. 9 -- La'el Collins, OT, LSU

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Is La'el Collins a possible pick for the Giants in the first round?

La'el Collins
La'el Collins
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is the final spot in our 'Nine for the New York Giants at No.9' in the 2015 NFL Draft series. The last of our nine candidates will be LSU offensive tackle La'el Collins.

If you have been following our draft coverage (and if you haven't, please explain) you know that there are probably more than nine players you could make a reasonable argument for with the Giants' first-round pick. It's that type of draft class, not to mention that the Giants' roster also appears deep enough in most spots to allow for some draft flexibility.

So, why Collins as our ninth candidate? Read on and find out.

The case for Collins

Collins and Brandon Scherff are, in many ways, nearly identical players. Most draft analysts seem to like Iowa's Scherff just a lteensy-weensy bit more, but not all. If you think Scherff makes sense for the Giants you pretty much have to believe Collins would, as well. Like Scherff, he is a collegiate left tackle. Like Scherff, he can be a dominant run blocker. Like Scherff, most analysts seem to think he is destined to play right tackle or move inside to guard. Like Scherff, most analysts think he could play left tackle at the NFL level, some don't.

In his 2015 NFL Draft Guide, Dane Brugler of CBS Sports calls Collins "a wrecking ball in the run game." Brugler says Collins "has enough talent to survive on the edges" but might be better at guard. There is a logical argument for taking an offensive lineman in the first round, especially a road-grading run blocker. The Giants have four obvious quality starters. They have a stationary veteran quarterback. They need help running the ball. If you think Scherff should be in the conversation, you have to put Collins in there as well. Besides, never underestimate Jerry Reese and his love for LSU players.

The case against Collins

Well, here we are again. As I said above, Collins and Scherff are very similar. Most analysts think Scherff is better. If the Giants think Collins is better that puts them in the minority, so it adds risk. Of course, we also have the 'can you draft an offensive lineman at No. 9 if you aren't sure he can play left tackle' argument, as well. And the 'you don't draft a guard' at No. 9 argument, if you think Collins is a guard.

So, what say you, Giants fans? Is Collins a player who should be considered with the ninth overall pick?

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