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2015 NFL Draft: Nine for Giants at No. 9 -- Devante Parker, WR, Louisville

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Is Devante Parker the right choice for the Giants in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft?

Devante Parker
Devante Parker
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

We have debated the 'should the Giants take a wide receiver at No. 9?' issue over and over. He is, however, on the 'Nine for No. 9' list, so we have to do it again. I will try to be quick about it.

The case for Parker

Amari Cooper of Alabama and Kevin White of West Virginia will probably be off the board by the time the Giants select. No one is quite sure what to expect from Victor Cruz. We know that Jerry Reese loves wide receivers, and that he will take play-makers over guards (his words) when given the chance. Parker could well be the top-rated play-maker available when the ninth pick arrives. Too many play-makers is a much better problem to have than not enough play-makers.That's why the selection of Georgia running Todd Gurley might be defensible.

The case against Parker

It really isn't anti-Parker. If he is the highest-graded player on the Giants' board and they truly believe he can be a difference-maker, then so be it. It's a case of how much is too much? The Giants used the 12th overall pick a year ago on Odell Beckham. The spent $17.5 million on Dwayne Harris. They have Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, Preston Parker, Corey Washington, Kevin Ogletree and Marcus Harris. They have talented pass-catcher in Shane Vereen and Larry Donnell. You can only throw to one guy at a time. What the Giants don't have are enough offensive linemen, defensive linemen, safeties or cornerbacks. Should the Giants add to a stable of receivers that already seems pretty crowded, or is it a better use of premium resources to add a quality player at a position that seems to be a bigger need? That's the crux of the debate.

Other 'Nine for No. 9' Candidates