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Todd McShay 2015 NFL mock draft 5.0: Brandon Scherff to Giants one more time

Yep. McShay stays the course.

Brandon Scherff
Brandon Scherff
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The promo headline at ESPN for version 5.0 of the Todd McShay 2015 NFL mock draft read "Big changes in Mock 5.0." So, since McShay has been on Iowa offensive tackle Brandon Scherff to the New York Giants since, oh, the beginning of time I figured that might mean a change of direction in his choice for the Giants at No. 9 in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Nope. Sorry. Plenty of shuffling elsewhere in McShay's mock, and we'll get to some of that. For the Giants, though? Same old story. Here is McShay's somewhat apologetic explanation:

Giants fans are probably getting sick of this pick, as I've had Scherff going No. 9 to the Giants in four consecutive mock drafts now. But he's a great fit because of his toughness, versatility and strength as a run-blocker. I also considered cornerback Trae Waynes here, and while Kevin White wouldn't fill a need, he'd be a good value here and would give the Giants a very talented tandem at receiver with Odell Beckham Jr. for the foreseeable future. Lastly, if Gurley gets to this spot, he's an intriguing option for the Giants.

Really interesting that he mentioned Gurley, since the first inkling that the Giants might be interested in the Georgia running back surfaced on Wednesday morning. In McShay's mock, Gurley went No. 6 to the New York Jets. Here, for reference since the mock is ESPN Insider content, are McShay's first eight pick.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- James Weinston, QB, Florida

2. Tennessee Titans -- Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

3. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Dante Fowler, DE, Florida

4. Oakland Raiders -- Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

5. Washington Redskins -- Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri

6. Jets -- Gurley

7. Chicago Bears -- Leonard Williams, DT, USC

8. Atlanta Falcons -- Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska

Your thoughts, Giants fans?