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2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Giants 'in play' for running back Todd Gurley

This would be a swing for the fences move by Jerry Reese and the Giants.

Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Would the New York Giants really go for broke and select Georgia running back Todd Gurley with the ninth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft? The 'word on the street' is that they just might.

Of course, we have to take everything we read or hear at this time of year with a grain of salt. It is lying season in the NFL right now, and nobody wants to tip their hand as to what they might really do when the draft opens on April 30. Still, this is interesting.

Gurley, of course, was considered the best running back in college football before suffering a torn ACL on Nov. 15. He "checked out fine" during his recent medical recheck and reported that Gurley could be ready for an NFL training camp this summer.

Dane Brugler of CBS Sports indicated he has not heard Gurley being connected to the Giants, but said "Gurley is one of the best talents in this class. It's impossible for him to be drafted too early." Charlie Campbell of Walter Football said Gurley is the "second-best player in the draft" behind only Jameis Winston. That belief is further indicated in Campbell's big board. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network lists Gurley No. 12 on his top 50 prospects list.

Our own 'Raptor' isn't buying the Gurley to the Giants stuff. Asked for his reaction, this is what 'Rap' offered via e-mail:

"So the Giants are supposed to be in on Gurley? It doesn't surprise me, really. And if he were healthy, I might even buy it. There's also a rumor floating around that the Giants are in love with Leonard Williams and would be interested in moving up for him.

No, I think these are most likely symptoms of "Wacky Week", when analysts are throwing anything and everything against the wall in the hopes that something sticks and they can be right about SOMETHING, and teams are throwing out smokescreens left, right and center.

If there is a kernel of truth, it would mean that the Giants are looking to maximize the impact their picks have, and get as big a difference maker as possible."

Valentine's View: The Big Blue View rules for draft success, created by yours truly, state very clearly "do not take running backs in the first round." If we want to go all Leroy Jethro Gibbs, it's Rule No. 4. There is, however, an exception. That being if you "believe the player is a transcendent, franchise-changing talent." Could Gurley be that? Could he be the Odell Beckham Jr. of running backs in this draft class?

Some think he can. Surprisingly, I'm certain, to many of you I think I would be absolutely fine with the Giants swinging for the fences here by taking Gurley. If the Giants believe the Georgia running back is the kind of player they would never be able to get drafting lower in the first round, then so be it. The more analysts and scouts I talk to the more I believe that there is one and only one absolutely gaping hole on the Giants' roster -- that being the safety position. With apologies to our man Alex and his mock draft, there should be plenty of players at nine with higher ceilings than Alabama safety Landon Collins. Gurley, if he is still on the board, would be one of them.

We have argued about the idea of taking a wide receiver at No. 9 many times. For me, the Giants want to swing for a home run with an offensive play-maker at No. 9, Gurley is more palatable than and wide receiver in the draft not named Amari Cooper.

The Giants already have three wide receivers capable of being home run hitters in Beckham, Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle. They have Preston Parker, Dwayne Harris Kevin Ogletree, Marcus Harris, Corey Washington and Juron Criner. That's nine NFL caliber wide receivers for six roster spots, and probably five game-day jerseys.

At running back the Giants have Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams and Shane Vereen, along with youngsters Orleans Darkwa and Michael Cox. What they don't have is a home run hitter. Not one of those guys is a hand it to him and watch him go to work threat to take the ball to the house every time he possesses it. Gurley, if the knee is right, could be that guy.

I have no idea if there is even a shred of truth to this notion that the Giants might be interested in Gurley. I am also not saying this is what I would like to see the Giants do. Depending on how the board falls my preference would be to see them re-stock in the trenches with whoever they see as the best player -- offensively or defensive -- along the lines. All I'm saying is that, for me, picking Gurley would be easier to understand than adding another wide receiver.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?