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2015 NFL Draft: The New York Giants' Plan B

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Sometimes, things just don't work out as planned....

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The New York Giants have a lot of players to choose from with the ninth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. They've got plenty of needs and will be looking for appropriate fits for both their west coast offense and probably blitz-happy base 4-3 defense.

Unfortunately, all of those needs aren't going to be solved by the first-round pick alone. Let's take a look at a few archetypes that the Giants will want to go after and let's take a look at the "backup" plan, so to speak, of players with upside who provide some of the characteristics and attributes of their Day 1 counterparts. They are "Plan B" (no, not that Plan B) and every team needs one.

The Big Play Deep Threat At Wide Receiver

Day 1 Prototype: Kevin White, WR, WVU

Plan B: Devin Smith, WR, OSU

We haven't talked much about Devin Smith here at Big Blue View, but he's one of those early Day 2 players who could be in striking range at 40 for the Giants. If he is, he'd make a ton of sense. There is nobody in the draft better at tracking the deep ball. It's a rare ability and the way he can catch over the shoulder is sublime. Tremendous catch radius and body control.

Smith didn't run very many routes at Ohio State, but reportedly many coaches/scouts were impressed by his wiggle and his ability to turn on a dime when running routes at the Senior Bowl. The Giants have looked at big play guys like Phillip Dorsett, Kevin White, and Breshad Perriman.

There's a reasonable argument that Smith has the best hands and body control (despite his only average size) of them all.

The Nasty OL That Can Bully You To The Ground

Day 1 Prototype: Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa or La'el Collins, OL, LSU

Plan B: John Miller, OG, Louisville

If you're looking for a nice heaping helping of nasty, John Miller is your guy. A late day 2 or early day 3 selection, he can provide starting quality ability as late as the Giants' pick in the fourth round. He's got a powerful punch and his upper body strength is tremendous. He's got a habit of pancaking players and driving them into the ground.

Hand placement is also great. He's got slow feet but put him in a phone booth at right guard and his pass protection isn't half bad. If you're looking to drive your enemy off the line of scrimmage and blow open holes on the right side for the run game, you could do much worse.

That's the 325+ pound Eddie Goldman, by the way, that he's pushing backwards to pave a hole.

The Free Safety With Tremendous Range

Day 1 Prototype: Nobody in this draft, though closest is Eric Rowe, CB, Utah or Damarious Randall, FS, ASU

Plan B: Anthony Harris, FS, UVA

If the plan here is to go single high at safety, you want someone instinctual. You want somebody with range. You want somebody with that start/stop ability, and that in itself is rare. Eric Rowe shows flashes of it at zone corner. Damarious Randall, when playing in coverage, has shown to be instinctive and has the ability to break on the ball very well.

Anthony Harris is of a similar mold and can be had a round or two later than either of those guys because he's less aggressive and he's got a thin build comparatively. He has the same instincts and range, however, and that makes him an intriguing, intriguing player. He makes plays on the ball as well and has shown that he's got the upside to be the deep protector that the Giants could sorely use.

The All-Around, Do-Everything Linebacker That Can Play Multiple Spots

Day  1 Prototype: Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA

Plan B: Ramik Wilson, ILB, UGA

If the Giants are in the market to get more explosive, better in coverage, and faster at the linebacker level, they'll want to take a look early on Day 3 at Ramik Wilson. Standing at 6-foot-2, 237 pounds, he ran a solid 4.62 at his pro-day to go along with a 35-inch vertical.

He flashes explosiveness and was insanely productive at UGA. We're talking 243 tackles and 18 tackles for loss over the past two years. He's got some hiccups in coverage and is still developing his footwork there, but he's got the athleticism to succeed and has gotten better in successive years. One more thing ... he loves to hit.