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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Leonard Williams, DL, USC

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The best prospect in the NFL draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever we talk NFL draft, we know who the first pick is going to be. Presumably, it's going to be Jameis Winston. Is he the best prospect in the draft though? No. That belongs to a defensive tackle by the name of Leonard Williams. An absolute stud, he's probably not going to be available by the time the Giants pick. Funnier things have happened, however, and there are now whispers of him slipping. So to be safe, let's profile him anyway.


- Prototype length at 6-foot-5, 303 pounds with 34 5/8-inch arms

- Brutally strong and can violently shed blockers at the point of attack.

- Can be an effective two-gapper even at 300 pounds

- Hips are tremendously flexible, allowing him to generate power into leverage and twist away from OL

- Smart player that knows when to get his hands up to swat away passes and gets into throwing lanes

- Has plus athleticism for the position

- When he locks on to a QB, has explosive closing burst. Finishes a lot of plays.

- Versatility. Can play 1 tech, 3 tech, 5 tech in any scheme.


- Biggest issue is that he wins late, rarely wins initially which might put a damper on his pass rush ceiling.

- Lets OL into his body at points, and has to establish consistency there

- Weirdly goes silent for stretches of time in games.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

Can I get a hell yes? He's an explosive, violent playmaker with the length, power, and upside that the Giants would crave. He can play defensive end and 3 technique in our scheme and has the potential to dominate next to Johnathan Hankins. Not really much more to say.

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Final Thoughts

The Curse puts out his case for Leonard Williams falling out of the top 10: The Curse's Leonard Williams Post

I admire his football acumen but I disagree with him. Williams is not a perfect prospect. Do I take him before I take Sheldon Richardson in 2013 or Aaron Donald in 2014? No. In this draft, however, he's one of the best prospects available. He's scratching the surface of his potential and he's got the elite traits like power, hip snap/flexibility, and length to become a multi-year dominant force.

My pro comparison to him is Marcell Dareus. It's a lofty comparison, but it's one that I think he can reach.