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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Kevin White, WR, WVU

Is Kevin White the best receiver in the NFL draft?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin White is certainly in contention for the best wide receiver in the 2015 NFL Draft. He has no shortage of supporters and watching a few of his games, it's easy to see why. He is one of my personal favorite prospects in this draft and is the type of player that I wouldnt' be surprised to see New York Giants GM Jerry Reese and the rest of the scouting staff target. Why? Well, read on and find out.


- Freakish H/W/S with a 4.35 secone 40 and 6.9 second 3-cone at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds

- You can't press him. Too quick and too powerful off the line.

- Stop/Start acceleration off the line is second only to Amari Cooper

- Attacks the ball in the air with anger and aggression. Not passive.

- Tremendous body control and catch radiu

- Will consistently win 50/50 balls

- Powerful and strong hands


- Not a polished route runner at all, will round routes

- Not necessarily a quick twitch player, and will struggle to win the "short game"

- Has had only one year of true, elite production

Does He Fit With The Giants?

He'll fit any scheme, but of the top three wide receivers he's the worst fit for the Giants due to his comparative rawness running routes. That's okay, though. He's an insanely powerful player who can win in multiple ways, and that will fit what anybody wants to do. He can win instantly and if Eli is looking for another top of the line number one threat, White more than fits the bill.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 6

Mocking The Draft - 7

CBS Sports - 7

Draft Tek -  4

Final Thoughts

What makes Odell Beckham so special? Two things. For one, he has incredible hips and his change of direction and route running ability is insane. He shares that trait with Amari Cooper. The other thing that makes him special is that he plays with fury and arrogance. He attacks the ball in the air, he attacks defensive backs, he attacks to make every yard after the catch. That is what he shares with Kevin White. White plays with anger, he plays with that "dog" in him, and that's what makes him special. If he's there at 9, it would be a mild upset if the Giants picked someone else over him.