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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Austin Hill, WR, Arizona

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Could the Giants get a late round steal at wide receiver?

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants aren't putting all of their eggs in Victor Cruz's basket. They said as much, then signed special teamer and slot receiver Dwayne Harris to a surprisingly large free agent contract. Between Harris and a cadre of intriguing options on the back end of their roster, will the Giants look to the draft to further deepen their pool of talent at wide receiver?

Rueben Randle's potential impending free agency in addition to Cruz's injury might just force the Giants' hand.

So, let's take a look at a high-upside receiver who could be a late-round pick: Austin Hill of Arizona


- NFL size at 6-foot3, 211 pounds. Knows how to use his size against defenders

- Natural "hands" catcher, who routinely snatches the ball out of the air

- Strength to break arm tackles

- Extremely versatile, played outside receiver, slot receiver, H-Back

- Tenacious blocker in the run or screen game

- Reputation as a "Team First" player

- Father played TE in the NFL for 12 years


- Missed 2013 with a torn ACL

- Can make tacklers miss, but does not have much "twitch" or shiftiness to his game

Does He Fit With The Giants?

If the Giants are looking for a potential discount player who could fill in for Victor Cruz or replace Rueben Randle, then "Yes". However the ACL history pretty much has to give them a pause given the Giants struggles with injuries.

If they're comfortable with his injury history, then his size, catch radius, and mentality are sure to appeal to the Giants and make him a natural fit in Ben McAdoo's offense and the Giants' locker room

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - Not in top 100

Mocking The Draft - Not in top 100

CBS Sports - 188th overall

Draft Countdown - 216th overall

Draft Tek - 189th overall

Final Thoughts

You'll notice that I don't have much under his "negatives". That's because Hill was considered a top prospect, potentially a 1st rounder, before his injury. From the tape before his injury, he was victimized more by QB play than anything else. Hill is a big, tough, athletic, versatile kid, with reportedly high character. That is sure to appeal to the Giants.

His injury history, however, might knock him down their board if they aren't comfortable with it. He did, however post an impressive pro-day workout, timing a 4.6 second 40, 4.03 second short shuttle, 6.65 second 3-cone drill, 10-9 broad jump, 36.5 inch vertical jump, and 17 reps on the bench press. The injury and resulting dip in production dropped Hill's ranking from a potential first-rounder to a potential late day-3 pick.

However, if he can get his speed back and remain healthy, Hill could be a major steal for a team willing to take a chance.