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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Denzel Perryman, ILB, Miami

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The leader of the Miami Hurricanes is about to get profiled.

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Let's get this out of the way first. As a Miami Hurricane fan, I love Denzel Perryman. I love everything about him. He was the captain of the team, he was smart, he had a penchant for jaw-dropping hits, and he was really pretty much everything you could root for in a player.

Is he a player who can help our New York Giants, though? That's a totally different question and one that we'll try and answer.


- Destructive force going downhill. Can shoot gaps and make huge hits behind the line of scrimmage.

- Firebrand general that has the desired read/react skills and the intellect required to set up a defense

- Meets offensive linemen and running backs head on, with good tackling technique. Squared up shoulders, low pad level.

- Is a plus blitzer at the next level, primarily due to his intelligence

- Not great at shedding blocks, but flashes some ability to use his hands to leverage out of OL blocking


- Disappointing size, frame, and athleticism

- Can really only depend on him in zone coverage. Will have trouble manning up against the more athletic tight ends and shifty running backs

- Limited range and lateral agility

Does He Fit With The Giants?

If the Giants really like what Jon Beason brings to the table, then they should have no problem with Perryman, who profiles as a younger version of the middle linebacker. He has more range than Beason does at this point, but obviously not the same amount of polish. Steve Spagnuolo was able to create a terrorizing defense with Antonio Pierce at the helm, so I think he'd be fine with Perryman.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 45

Mocking The Draft - 39

CBS Sports - 87

Draft Tek - 58

Final Thoughts

Coaches will have a Day 1 grade on Perryman. GMs will have a Day 3 grade on him. Split the difference and he'll go on Day 2. Some teams will see him as a better fit than others, so going Round 2 isn't out of the question. I personally ranked him as my 64th prospect, so I'm right in the middle. I think an attacking 3-4 team is the best fit for Perryman. Obviously, the Ravens and Jets are definite fits there. The Giants might also be interested, but given that they like H/W/S from their LBs, I think they'd prefer guys like Stephone Anthony and Eric Kendricks to Perryman early.