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Todd McShay mock draft: ESPN analyst 'sticking with Scherff' for New York Giants

Everybody ready? We're going 'Scherff-ing' again.

We've pretty much exhausted all the good Brandon Scherff photos
We've pretty much exhausted all the good Brandon Scherff photos
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Todd McShay of ESPN is out with version 4.0 of his 2015 NFL Mock Draft [Insider only]. McShay has once again gone 'chalk' with the pick, selecting Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff for New York with the ninth overall pick.

Here is McShay's explanation, including a slight correction from your truly:

I'm sticking with Scherff to the Giants with the No. 9 pick. He's the ultimate tough guy, which makes him an ideal fit for a Tom Coughlin-coached team, and he could either take over the right tackle position for Justin Pugh (who has struggled some at tackle) or provide a major upgrade at left tackle [NOTE: This is my strike-through, because we know McShay meant left guard], enabling Weston Richburg to play his natural position of center. Scherff lacks the ideal length to play the tackle position, and could wind up as an excellent guard instead, but I wouldn't be against him. The Giants also have needs at linebacker and in the defensive secondary that they could look to address in the later rounds.

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Valentine's View: I am with McShay here. It's boring. It's predictable. Giants fans are already tired of talking Scherff, going 'Scherff-ing' as we have begun to call it. Going offensive line is also the right move with the ninth overall pick, especially considering the way free agency has gone for the Giants. Offensive line and safety are the two need areas the Giants have yet to address. There really isn't a big-time player left on the market to fill those needs, and there isn't a safety worthy of the ninth pick. So, offensive line it is.

There is, of course, the argument about whether Scherff is a guard or tackle. And whether the pick, if it's an offensive lineman, should be Scherff, La'el Collins or Andrus Peat. At this point, judging from the fact that the majority opinion still seems to be that Scherff is the best offensive lineman, I'm guessing that if the pick is an offensive lineman there's probably a 70 percent Scherff is the guy.

And, by now, you know I'm OK with that.