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2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft: With the ninth pick, the Giants select ...

The moment you've all been waiting for, who did the Giants pick in the Big Blue View Community Mock Draft?

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Well, its time for the Giants to make their pick in the Big Blue View community mock draft. Jesse, Invictus, and I put our heads together to come up with the pick for the New York Giants pick.

We all know who Ed selected in the SBN bloggers' mock draft: Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa. When he made the selection, Ed said:

There will be those pounding the table for the sexier pick of Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper in this scenario, or pass-rushing defensive end Dante Fowler. Both are tempting, but the Giants simply have to complete their offensive line if they are going to give Eli Manning a chance to get the team back to the playoffs. Scherff is the player in this draft who gives them the best chance to do that, whether he ultimately ends up at right tackle or inside at guard.

The Big Blue View community wasn't too thrilled with the pick.

Thursday, I gave BBV as a whole a chance to play GM, and you picked: Brandon Scherff. Interesting.

Well, here's the official pick:

9) New York Football Giants

GM - Raptor22, Jesse Bartolis, InvictusXI

Pick - Brandon Scherff, OL Iowa




Wait, you thought we'd really pick Scherff? Again? Kidding!

The real pick is: Devante Parker, WR Louisville

Explanation - We decided that based on how the board fell, Parker is pretty clearly the best pick. Parker is a dangerous receiver with a full pro-style route tree, long speed to take the top off a defense, and plenty of quickness to turn short underneath routes into long gainers. He also combines a massive catch radius with a great ability to adjust to the ball in the air and compete at the catch point.

With Victor Cruz's health and ability a question mark going forward, and Rueben Randle a painfully inconsistent free-agent-to-be, the cupboard might be bare behind Odell Beckham.

We all realize that selecting first-round receivers back-to-back is a big concentration of resources, and there are depth issues elsewhere as well (namely the two lines). However, the Giants use an 11 personnel grouping as their base set now, and only have one truly dependable receiver. Also, the Giants have seven more picks with which to address the offensive line if they don't feel the answer is already in-house, and in the past two drafts the best offensive lineman -- a guard, by the by-- has come from the second day of the draft. those being Joel Bitonio (2014) and Larry Warford (2013).

On the field Parker draws comparisons to A.J. Green, and the combination of Beckham and Parker, with the potential of having Rueben Randle and Victor Cruz playing well would give Eli Manning a knockout combination.

But mostly, we decided on Devante Parker because unlike Fearless Leader, we can't yet be described using the words "Fuddy Duddy"

Now, for a peek behind the curtain, we decided to share our second choices:

Raptor: Danny Shelton (DT, Washington) - You can almost flip a coin between Shelton and Malcom Brown at this point, but I prefer Shelton. I love his demeanor, and I saw him do things at 360 pounds that no human being his size should be capable of doing. His athleticism is special, but his heart and motor are what make the pick for me. He's the type of guy who can be the heart and soul of your defense while giving offenses headaches.

Invictus: Andrus Peat (OT, Stanford) - Peat is likely going to be the only offensive lineman that I'd be willing to take in the top 10 of the draft. I've maintained since the beginning of the offseason that Peat is the top offensive lineman in this class and I'm not backing down on that an inch. He has the functional strength that Luke Joeckel and Matt Kalil lack, but has their footwork. He has inconsistencies but if you believe that he can mature as a player, what the New York Giants have is a franchise right tackle (and mind you the top SEVEN sack leaders in 2014 lined up over the right tackle) who in some time can turn towards being the franchise left tackle when the team is ready to move in another direction. Peat is one of the very few that I believe can provide an upgrade from Justin Pugh at right tackle, thereby upgrading two spots on the offensive line in one move.

Jesse: Randy Gregory would have been the easy choice for me before his failed drug test and I personally couldn't count him out because I don't actually know what kind of dedication he has to the game, but I think it's very unlikely he is the New York Giants pick and there is definitely justification for that. With Gregory gone and the other pass rushers off the board this pick comes down to (Parker who we did take) or taking a top-rated guy at a few different positions (OL, CB, S) which is a nice consolation prize. Since Raptor already went with Shelton (and the Giants signed Kenrick Ellis, which helps there, too) I'll go with Scherff because he is the highest-rated player on my board regardless of positional value. I think the Giants might favor Peat more than Scherff, but I think Scherff has the best chance to be a Pro Bowl player in the NFL and I personally think he can play tackle, so by grabbing Scherff the Giants are able to upgrade RT (Scherff > Pugh at RT) and LG (Pugh > Jerry) and when they take the field on the first week of the season have four guys up front who are first- or second-round picks and an expensive free agent signing and their offense is complete. .

The St. Louis Rams are officially On The Clock!