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SBN bloggers' mock draft: Brandon Scherff is pick for Giants at No. 9

Brandon Scherff
Brandon Scherff
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Of course I did. You knew I would. Didn't you? You haven't been paying attention if you expected something else. When my turn came to select for the New York Giants in the annual SB Nation bloggers' mock draft, I did what you had to be almost certain I would do. I selected Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff for the Giants.

So, yes, here we are. 'Scherff-ing' once again.

One thing to realize. If you like LSU offensive tackle La'el Collins more than Scherff he wasn't available. He went to the Washington Redskins No. 5 overall.

Here was part of my explanation:

There will be those pounding the table for the sexier pick of Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper in this scenario, or pass-rushing defensive end Dante Fowler. Both are tempting, but the Giants simply have to complete their offensive line if they are going to give Eli Manning a chance to get the team back to the playoffs. Scherff is the player in this draft who gives them the best chance to do that, whether he ultimately ends up at right tackle or inside at guard.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar didn't take issue with the pick, but he did raise the Cooper argument. Which makes perfect sense since we know that GM Jerry Reese has plainly said he would take play-makers over guards given the choice. Here is what Kadar wrote:

In one regard, the choice of Scherff becomes easier with LSU offensive tackle La'el Collins off the board. It becomes more difficult, though, if Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper is available. It's hard to get a bead on how Giants general manager Jerry Reese will stack his draft board, but you have to believe he'll take a skill position player over a blocker if they're graded similarly. A wide receiver could be a consideration because the health of Victor Cruz is somewhat unknown.

Pat Traina and I discussed this briefly in our Wednesday edition of the 'Big Blue Chat' podcast. The point I made there, and that Traina agreed with, is that Cooper is very tempting but that he seems like a "luxury" pick because of the Giants' needs at other positions. Cooper certainly could be the pick here, and with Fowler on the board you can make a case for that, too. The view here, though, is that if the Giants want Eli Manning to be their quarterback for the foreseeable future they absolutely must put a wall in front of him. Scherff helps them do that.