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2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft: Redskins pick Dante Fowler, OLB, Florida

Washington replaces Orakpo, Giants fans groan.

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And the fifth pick of the 2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft is in!

The Pick

5) Washington Redskins

GM - Dancing_Elephants

Pick - Dante Fowler, Jr, OLB Florida

The Redskins were hoping that Jacksonville went for anyone other than Williams but in Fowler they find a rather pleasant consolation prize. They grab a high upside edge rusher who can be the 10 sack guy Orakpo promised to be. He has experience rushing from a 2 point stance and has enough talent to make an immediate impact as a pass rusher opposite Kerrigan. He also has the size to hold up against the run better than the pure edge rushers like Beasley or Ray. The Redskins probably could have used offensive line help in this spot but with no prospect worth a top 5 selection and plenty of second and third round talent they take the BPA and wait to fill out the middle of the line on day 2.

Raptor's View

I hate this pick. But that's mostly because I hate seeing good players I like go to NFC East rivals. Fowler is an excellent replacement for Brian Orakpo. He can play all over their defensive front, generate pressure in the passing game, is solid in the run game, and would give the Giants headaches for years. Washington might just have saved money and still upgraded their defense from Orakpo.

The New York Jets are officially On The Clock!

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No. 5 (Washington Redskins) - Dante Fowler Jr, OLB, Florida