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2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft: Raiders select Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders get a weapon with the fourth pick of the draft.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With the second pick of the day, the Raiders started to build their offense around their young franchise quarterback.

4) Oakland Raiders

GM - zstrout

Pick - Amari Cooper, WR (Alabama)


The debate here is whether it's Cooper or White that go number four. At 6'1 Cooper has the height to go up and catch the ball on most defenders in the league, and the natural instincts to be able to come down with it. He is not the most physically gifted receiver in the draft, but much like Torry Holt and Marvin Harrison, he can straight play the wide receiver position. He is a good route runner, not great, and needs to work on drops. He is a good starting point for this offense, which already has a young talented quarterback. Oakland needs help on both the offensive and defensive line, much like the Giants, but the need for a playmaker is more apparent.

Raptor's View

This is a pick that could go either way. If the Raiders go for a receiver -- which seems likely -- then their choice will likely be between White and Cooper. The decision might depend on how loudly Al Davis' voice echoes through their War Room. But I think Cooper is the right choice. Though White's size and speed would mesh well with Carr's rocket arm, Cooper's polish and razor sharp route running will be a big help all over the field for the young quarterback.

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No. 4 (Oakland Raiders) - Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama