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John Mara: Giants need to continue to draft well

The Giants' owner talks a bit about the draft, but what did he say?

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Earlier today New York Giants owner John Mara talked to the media and discussed a wide variety of topics, from the state of the Giants, to free agency, to the draft.

Ed has already covered Mara's comments regarding free agency, but lets take a look at what he had to say concerning the upcoming draft, and maybe take a guess at what he might have meant.

Mara started off by commenting on the quality of the Giants' 2013 and 2014 drafts, saying that they need to keep that up and keep drafting well. He added that the NFL game still comes down to drafting well, resigning your draftees, and then filling in the roster with free agency.

Mara also mentioned that thanks to a "mediocre" free agent class, the Giants planned to fill in the back end of their roster rather than give premium contracts to less-than-stellar free agents.

That plan, combined with the reference to the 2013 and 2014 draft classes, which yielded a young and talented core of starters and significant contributors, suggests that the Giants might once again be looking to the draft to fill starting roles.

Specifically, Mara said that the Giants recognize that wide receiver isn't their primary need, but tempered that with the statement that he wouldn't be against taking a receiver if he presents the best value.

That, of course, is a reference to the possibility that the Giants could look to repeat their success with Odell Beckham if one -- or more -- of Amari Cooper [prospect profile], Kevin White, or DeVante Parker [prospect profile] are available at No. 9 overall. If one of those players is there, and the Giants feel they present the best value, they will take them, but they are also well aware of the needs on their roster. They just won't be held captive by them.

It also potentially acknowledges that the Giants do view receiver as a need that could be addressed in the draft. With Cruz's status uncertain and Rueben Randle a free agent after the 2015 season, that certainly makes sense.

But acknowledging that the Giants do value the receivers at the top of the draft also helps to open the door for a potential trade back, if earlier -- unsubstantiated -- rumors that the Giants are more interested in a trade back than usual are to be believed.