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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Sean Hickey, OT, Syracuse

Could the Giants once again look to Syracuse to reinforce their offensive line?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013 the New York Giants surprised everybody but Mike Mayock and selected Justin Pugh out of Syracuse in the first round.

In 2015 Pugh's successor at left tackle is going through his own draft process. Hickey isn't the prospect that Pugh was, but he offers many of the same advantages. And since he's an Orangeman, we know the Giants are interested.


- Solid NFL size at 6-5, 310, with 33-inch arms

- Quick enough to deal with speed rushers, strong enough to deal with power.

- Very good feet for a guard

- Second among offensive linemen in the bench press at the combine

- Creates movement when drive blocking, and is effective walling off defenders to make a running lane

- Dogged blocker, blocks through the whistle once he latches on


- Likely a guard at the next level

- Sluggish in space, can get passed by runners before he gets his block locked in

- Can get caught lunging or with high pad level

Does He Fit With The Giants?

Yes, I think so.

Hickey is pretty similar to Justin Pugh. He has that same tough, blue collar, workman's attitude toward playing on the offensive line. Hickey isn't the same level of prospect that Pugh is, but I think he has starter upside on the inside of the line. His feet aren't good enough to stay at left tackle at the next level, but they are good for a guard, and he shows the ability to deal with speed and power.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - Not in top 100 (as of 1/4/15)

Mocking The Draft - 74th overall (as of 12/12/14)

CBS Sports -  165th overall

Draft Countdown - Not in top 100

Draft Tek - 175

Final Thoughts

Sean Hickey isn't a top prospect, he will likely be a fourth- or fifth-round pick. But I think he has the upside to work his way into a starting role as an interior lineman. I think he's versatile enough to play in either a man blocking scheme or a zone blocking scheme. He has some technique issues to clean up, but he's a prospect I could see the Giants liking. It's also worth noting that the Giants have a shown a strong trend of taking players who are at or near the top of the pack in the bench press, which Hickey was. Also, he's from Syracuse, so that makes him worth keeping an eye on anyway.