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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Gabe Wright, DT, Auburn

Speed from the defensive tackle position is never a bad thing!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

There's quite a few three technique defensive tackles that can push the pocket and rush the passer. Gabe Wright out of Auburn is one such player and he's an intriguing option. He wasn't all that productive in college, so that's definitely a red flag, but some traits he possesses are undeniable. He was dominant during the Senior Bowl with his first step.

Can that first step help the Giants? Let's take a look:


- Tremendous explosion and first step

- Low center of gravity

- Very good short area quickness and ability to change directions

- Awareness is pretty good and you can see him disengage from blocks to chase down ball carrier


- A little too light/has trouble anchoring down

- Not much versatility, is solely a 1 gap shooter

- Lack of production in college

- Motor is questionable

Does He Fit With The Giants?

At 6-foot-2, 300 pounds, he barely makes the threshold that I feel the Giants would be comfortable with at the defensive tackle position. He's got average arm length as well (32 and 5/8-inches). The Giants clearly need help pushing the pocket from the inside and Wright is a nice developmental player that can help them do just that.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 83

Mocking The Draft - Not in top 100

CBS Sports - 78

Draft Tek - 77

Final Thoughts

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. That's the biggest issue with Wright and it's the biggest reason why he's not being talked about as a day 1 or 2 pick in most places. The first step he has is star caliber, but a lot of everything else is not. If he can develop and if he can begin to anchor against the run, he could be a steal for someone down the road. As it is now, I can see a 4-3 team spending a fourth-round pick on him, maybe even a late 3rd.