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What others are saying about Giants' 'nightmare performance'

The Giants looked awful in Monday's loss to Detroit, and the reactions to the performance were not kind.

Victor Cruz can't hold a pass from Eli Manning on Monday night
Victor Cruz can't hold a pass from Eli Manning on Monday night
Joe Sargent

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin called Monday's 35-14 embarrassment at the hands of the Detroit Lions "a nightmare performance." Here is a look around the Inter-Google at what others called it.

New York Giants -- Eli Manning in need of a helping hand - ESPN New York

The Giants knew this wasn't going to be easy. They knew they had pieced together the least impressive 5-0 preseason in sports history, that Manning and the rest would need more time adjusting to Ben McAdoo's West Coast system, that the offensive line was something of a mystery and that Stafford and Johnson would put their secondary (a strength) to the test.

Only this opener exposed more flaws than Coughlin expected to see.

Giants look every bit as bad as fans feared they'd be this season | Politi |

"Oh, it's just the preseason."

How many times did the Giants say that in the past days? The head coach said it. The quarterback said it. The new offensive coordinator practically growled it. The message was universal from the football building in East Rutherford the past few games: Forget what your eyes are telling you about this Giants team this summer, they'll be just fine when the real games begin.

Well, it would appear that the old adage is true: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are, it's an Eli Manning pass.

New York Giants leave season-opening loss lacking positives - ESPN New York

The worst part for the New York Giants was that they didn't have anything they could feel good about. Week 1 is supposed to be about optimism and looking forward with hope. But after a 35-14 loss to the at Ford Field on Monday night, the Giants couldn't come up with anything positive to say about their performance.

Tuesday and Wednesday aren't going to be fun days for the Giants as they review what went on in their first game of the season. To make sure the feeling doesn't repeat itself, they must correct the mistakes and start playing better. The long-term problem is that they may not have enough quality players on this roster to allow them to do that. The short-term problem is that Monday night's opener didn't offer any evidence to the contrary.

These brand-new, shiny Giants… look a lot like the old ones | New York Post

The last thing the Giants wanted out of the opening night of their new season was a constant stream of reference points hearkening back to the old one. There are so many new faces, so many different coaches, so much distance between here and now, between Michigan and Texas. So many miles since the debacle in Dallas that opened last season, and this date in Detroit to welcome the fresh one … Yet here they were again: drubbed by the Lions 35-14, a score that could have been eminently more humbling if the Lions hadn’t tossed a few air-headed Lions Things into their otherwise dominant repertoire.

Giants look like they're going nowhere fast after opening loss to Lions |

DETROIT – The Giants set a goal for Eli Manning to complete 70 percent of his passes this season. Perhaps they should move the decimal point. That would give Manning a chance, which is more than his offensive line did Monday night.

One game into the season, the Giants already appear to be 0-6. I know it’s not really that bad. I know it’s early and premature to make any predictions about how the rest of their season will play out based on the outcome of one game. But their 35-14 loss to the Lions was a debacle -- a "nightmare performance," in the words of Giants coach Tom Coughlin, and it raises the question of just how many days Coughlin and Manning have left together.