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Lions 35, Giants 14: Post-game quotebook

What were the Giants saying after Monday night's loss? Here is some of the locker room reaction.

Head coach Tom Coughlin summing up the Giants night:

"No excuses. We played very poorly. Don't have a lot to be proud of here. Couldn't move the ball, couldn't stop them, turned the ball over. Got back into that business again. Had a punt blocked. You name it, it was a nightmare performance."

Coughlin on what the Giants do now:

"There's a lot of work to do, obviously. In a short week we'll see what we can accomplish. The bubble's been burst. There' a lot of things that have to be improved upon, and they've gotta happen pretty quick."

Eli Manning:

"I knew we'd have to get better as the season goes, but we could have definitely performed better than we did tonight. There's no reason for the turnovers. That's not part of the offense. ... Besides that there were a couple of other opportunities to make some plays. We just didn't make 'em."

Antrel Rolle on breakdowns in the secondary:

"I don't think we played assignment football. We didn't play our technique. It just felt like guys were trying to cover for other guys mistakes and once you get out of whack it's kind of hard to recover from that. ... It's little things that allow big plays to happen.

"I am a bit surprised because we don't display that even in practice."

Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on the big night by Detroit's Calvin Johnson, much of it at his expense:

"You try to get up there and disrupt him the best you could. He definitely had a big day. We can't allow that."