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LaMichael James released by 49ers: Should Giants be interested?

Could running back LaMichael James help the Giants?

LaMichael James
LaMichael James
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have released running LaMichael James. Is he a player the New York Giants should be interested in?

If you are a Giants fan, you are of course occupied with focusing on the Monday Night Football encounter between the Giants and Detroit Lions. Take a moment, however, to consider whether or not the 2012 second-round pick would help the Giants.

James, 24, played little in two full seasons and one game in San Francisco. He averaged 4.5 yards, though, on 41 carries. James also has experience as a punt and kickoff returner. He averaged 10.9 yards on 23 punt returns last season. Over two seasons he has returned 26 kickoffs for an average of 28.4 yards. James did fumble three times last season.

Is James an upgrade at punt returner to Preston Parker or Rueben Randle? Is he an upgrade to Peyton Hillis as the third running back? Could he be added to the roster as a fourth running back?

Your thoughts, Giants fans?