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New York Giants news, 9/7: No game today, but lots to discuss

New York Giants headlines for Sunday, 9/7.

Could Victor Cruz be changing his salsa dance TD celebration?
Could Victor Cruz be changing his salsa dance TD celebration?
Al Bello

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Your Giants don't play on the first Sunday of the NFL season, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of Giants news to talk about. Let's check the headlines.

From Big Blue View

In case you missed it, the Giants announced Saturday that middle linebacker Jon Beason and guard Brandon Mosley are probable for Monday's game against the Detroit Lions.

Former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is in a tough spot when asked to comment on the Giants new offense. He had to do that recently for SNY TV, and had some interesting things to say.

Saturday we features a complete NFC East preview StoryStream. There is still time to vote in our poll and let us know who you think will win the division.

Can't wait for Monday night? Check our Giants-Lions Hub Page for all of our coverage leading up to Monday night.

Around The Inter-Google

Bill Pennington of the New York Times says the lack of a proven tight end might hurt the Giants:

Yes, the Giants have done well without stars at tight end. But the Giants have rarely won without a trustworthy tight end who can catch the ball for an essential first down and occasionally make a big play in a pivotal situation.

Could Victor Cruz be moving on from his famous salsa dance touchdown celebration?

"You'll have to see on Sunday and see if I break something out," Cruz said. "I've been thinking about it. I've been thinking about it."

Well, Vic, Giants fans would actually like to see what you have in store on Monday. And, yes, you have us curious now.

The New York Daily News thinks the Giants could win without a high-powered offense:

For all the hand-wringing around Big Blue's sudden aerial ineptitude, these Giants don't view a high-flying offense as the path back to the Lombardi Trophy. A season ago, they watched the Seattle Seahawks step into their own MetLife Stadium and leave with a Super Bowl title, riding a conservative offense that played mistake-free.

Why can't this Giants' offense, with Manning throwing more high-percentage passes and a revitalized ground game backed by the bruising Rashad Jennings, be at least that good, avoiding critical, game-changing turnovers and making plays when it counts?

Could the kinder, gentler Tom Coughlin go out the window if things don't go well for the Giants early in the season. Carl Banks thinks so:

"Tom has high expectations. He’s been vocal about that to anybody who would listen all offseason," said Banks, the Giants radio analyst. "So if things don’t go well for him he will be very disappointed for sure. But at this point he’s not the type of coach to unravel." Yet if the Giants get pounded in Detroit, certain columnists and commentators will start lining up at their local supermarket deli counter, taking numbers to see who will be the first to call for his dismissal. "Tom doesn’t fear for his job," Banks said. "I do think he understands there is pressure to do better then they did last year in a number of areas. ... My catch phrase is WIP, work in progress. I believe the situation is not as drastic as it appears because of the type of offense they run."

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