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Perry Fewell: Giants 'have a plan' for use of Jon Beason

Fewell addresses, Beason's status, several other defensive topics.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Giants expect Jon Beason, who missed the entire preseason with a broken sesamoid bone in his foot, to be ready to play Monday night against the Detroit Lions. How much will Beason play, and will he split snaps with Jameel McClain, who filled in at middle linebacker in Beason's absence.

"We have a plan," Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said on Friday. "[The middle linebacker] doesn't have to be a full-go and be out there all the time."

How has Beason, listed in injury reports during the week as 'limited' in practice, looked?

"Mentally, he is very sharp. That is not a problem. Just him seeing the plays over and over with the speed he plays at and the tempo he plays at," Fewell said. "We have to get him to calm down a little bit from that standpoint so he can see the play and digest the play and make sure he is executing what we need for him to execute."

Here are a few other things Fewell addressed Friday during his weekly media availability.

On the challenge posed by Detroit's high-powered offense ...

"They are an extremely talented football team. From [Reggie] Bush, to [Joique] Bell, on the outside with [Golden] Tate and Megatron [Calvin Johnson]. The tight ends. They have three tight ends. They have four or five legitimate receivers. They have three legitimate backs. The quarterback is a good quarterback. The offensive line didn't give up a lot of sacks last year. This will be one of those challenges. They are a tough opponent."

On expectations for second-year defensive end Damontre Moore ...

"I hate to give him a good compliment because he might go the other way on me. He really has performed well in that stat sheet. He has been very productive from that standpoint. I think the game is important to him and he is taking some ownership of his actions. So now can we convert that preseason to the regular season when the marbles are on the line and we need you to be productive? Each and every week we need you to be consistent for us. So we like that growth that we have seen. Can he take the next step now? He has been here before."

On how he might use rookie linebacker Devon Kennard ...

"He is a big strong man. He is really good in the run game. He is good when he can put his hands on people and knock the crap out them. He is not bad in the pass game. He has some work to continue to do there, but we really like him in the run game and we like him in the pressure game also."

On what he thinks of Jason Pierre-Paul entering the season ...

"I have to let the season play out to let you know that. He flashes and I see the old Jason Pierre-Paul at times now. Jason Pierre-Paul, when he was the old Jason-Pierre Paul, he would wow you and he would kind of be non-existent. That is not a good word, he would just kind of be there and then he would wow you again, and he has these wow plays, like, "geesh." We will just have to let the season play out before I can say that because he "wows" me sometimes and then he is just there sometimes."