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SPONSORED POST: Who will be the most consistent Giant?

I will take Victor Cruz. Who would you take?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The most consistent player for the New York Giants in 2014? That would likely have to be wide receiver Victor Cruz.

If not for an injury that cost him two games last season and left him two yards short, Cruz would have three straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons.

New offense, old offense, whatever. Cruz is the player quarterback Eli Manning can always depend on to run the correct route, to be in the right place, to make a play if Manning can give him an opportunity.

During his breakout 2011 season Cruz had a Pro Football Focus wide receiver rating of 125.3, fourth in the NFL. That slid all the way to 86.1, 23rd overall, last season. That has more to do with the struggles around him than his own play.

You can fully expect that Manning, when he needs someone to make a play, will be looking in the direction of No. 80 this season.

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