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Quarter-Pole 'Kudos & Wet Willies': Special Teams Edition

Which Giants' special teamers are playing well, and which are not.

Damontre Moore blocks a punt
Damontre Moore blocks a punt
Al Bello

Let's finish our 'Quarter-Pole Kudos & Wet Willies' for the New York Giants with a look at the special teams. There has been both good and bad from this group, and the 'K&WW' lists reflect that.

Kudos To ...

Steve Weatherford -- Weatherford's average yards per punt of 42.3 is the worst of his Giants' career, and more than four yards off what he did a season ago. I don't really care. The guy is punting with a left ankle that is basically made of spaghetti right now. Punting as well as he is without a really solid base to plant on is actually pretty incredible. He did hit the one bad punt against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2 that was returned for a score, but there is no excuse for Zack Bowman to miss that tackle and the rest of the coverage team to leave a lane you basically could have driven a house through. Weatherford gets 'Kudos' just for having the guts to go out there in an obviously diminished capacity and do his job adequately.

Damontre Moore -- How good has Moore been on special teams? He is tied for the league lead in special teams penalties with two, and yet has the third-highest Pro Football Focus score among special teams players at +3.0. He has a punt block and two tackles. When opposing teams line up to punt, they better know where 98 is coming from.

Preston Parker -- Parker is averaging only 6.6 yards on eight punt returns, but to me that is misleading. He has lost two long returns to penalties. Add what would roughly be 50 yards to his return total for those two penalties and he would be right at 10 yards per return. Parker also returned a kickoff 34 yards Thursday against the Washington Redskins. With Quintin Demps starting at safety and struggling in the kickoff return role, perhaps Parker will get more work there.

Wet Willies To ...

Quintin Demps -- Demps came to the Giants with the reputation of being one of the league's best, and most sure-handed, return men. He averaged 301.1 yards on 33 returns for the Kansas City Chiefs last season. Thus far in 2014, his return work has been disappointing. He is averaging only 21.8 yards on eight returns with a long of 29, and had one costly fumble against Arizona.

Zack Bowman -- This is simple. Bowman had two hands on Ted Ginn with the game in the balance against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2. You have to make that tackle. Bowman didn't. As a result, the Giants are 2-2 instead of 3-1.

Kwillies To ...

Zak DeOssie -- You have to knock DeOssie down a peg for the bad field goal snap against the Texans. We know how valuable DeOssie is in coverage, though, and how consistent he generally is snapping the ball.