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Confidence Poll: Will Giants make the playoffs?

Time to test your confidence.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to test your belief in the 2014 New York Giants. After a 2-2 start that included back-to-back victories to was away the disappointment of an 0-2 start do you believe the Giants are going to make the playoffs?

We are testing your confidence in Big Blue this morning. Do you think the last two games are a harbinger of better things to come, and that this team be the first Giants team since the 2011 championship squad to reach the post-season? Do you think the last two games were a mirage, and that the bumbling inept version of the Giants will show up often enough over the final 12 games to keep the Giants out of the playoffs for a third straight time?

After four games, do you believe in the Giants? Or, don't you? There is no middle ground. It's a yes or no answer. Vote in the poll and let us know what you believe.