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Jayron Hosley Reinstated: What should Giants do with him?

Giants have until Monday to make a decision.

Jayron Hosley
Jayron Hosley

Cornerback Jayron Hosley has now completed his league-imposed four-game suspension for a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy and has been reinstated. The New York Giants have until Monday to make a roster move with Hosley.

So, Giants fans, what should the Giants do with Hosley? Should they add him to the 53-man roster? Should they waive him and try to get re-sign him to the practice squad? Should they just let him go altogether? Let's briefly look at the options. Vote in the poll at the bottom and let us know what you would do if you were making the decision.

Add Hosley to the 53

With Walter Thurmond III on IR the Giants are currently carrying only four cornerbacks. We saw the perils of that Thursday when Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie left the game for a few plays, leaving the Giants thin at the position. Two problems with adding Hosley. First, do you really want him on the roster? He's been a disappointment in his two seasons and hasn't shown he is anywhere near the level of the corners currently on the roster. Second, who would you cut? Kerry Wynn? Dan Fox? James Brewer or Charles Brown, offensive linemen yet to be activated for a game?

Waive him, re-sign to practice squad

Hosley has two NFL seasons under his belt. If I read the new practice squad exception, which states teams "will be permitted to sign a maximum of two Practice Squad players who have earned no more than two accrued seasons of free agency credit" correctly, then Hosley is practice squad eligible.

He is a former third-round pick, and we know GM Jerry Reese is loathe to give up up guys he drafts. Do you try to put him on the practice squad and hope that, at some point, the light goes on and he becomes a useful player? The risk, of course, is that someone else picks him up.

Just let him go

The Giants already have a pair of cornerbacks they like on the practice squad in sixth-round pick Bennett Jackson and Chandler Fenner, who actually outperformed Hosley in the preseason. If you like the potential of those two players more than what you have seen, or not seen, from Hosley, do you just let him go and move on?

What would you do, Giants fans?