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Eli running for a TD? Cruz says it's like 'seeing a unicorn'

Manning's rushing touchdown Thursday was the fifth of his career.

Is that a UFO? A unicorn? Nah, just Eli Manning.
Is that a UFO? A unicorn? Nah, just Eli Manning.
Rob Carr

What is it like to see Eli Manning running for a touchdown, which he did in Thursday's 45-14 victory by the New York Giants over the Washington Redskins? Well, wide receiver Victor Cruz offers a nice description of Manning's fancy footwork.

"It is almost like seeing a UFO or seeing a unicorn or something like that, but it is cool," Cruz said on Friday. "We will take it, I know Eli Manning will take it anytime we get a chance to put points up on the board we will take it, but it is definitely fun to see Eli Manning get in the end zone."

Manning's one-yard run was the fifth rushing touchdown of his career and his first since since Sept. 11, 2011 against the Redskins.

Since everyone has to find ways to poke fun at Manning, The Big Lead wrote today that "No other human could possibly look so goofy while scoring and celebrating scoring a touchdown in an NFL game."

Regardless, the Giants enjoyed it. And they won't give it back.