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Touchdown or no touchdown? Did refs get Randle INT correct?

Did the refs get the call right on the pass to Rueben Randle that was ruled an interception?

Should the Giants have gotten a touchdown on this play Thursday night?
Should the Giants have gotten a touchdown on this play Thursday night?
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When is a touchdown not a touchdown? In the NFL, apparently when a receiver does not complete whatever constitutes a "football move" in the end zone. At least that was the case for Rueben Randle and the New York Giants Thursday night against the Washington Redskins.



Mike Carey, former NFL referee and now rules analyst for CBS, explained the call by saying "there wasn't enough time for the receiver to complete a football move."

The call, obviously, did not end up hurting the Giants in their 45-14 win. It simply took away a touchdown from Randle and Eli Manning and added an interception to Manning's line, something he historically doesn't need any help with. It did mystify the Giants.

"I had two feet down. I had possession," Randle said. "I don’t know what their excuse was."

Head coach Tom Coughlin was equally stumped.

"I just shook my head. Something about he didn't make a football action or something like that. I didn't get it. ... he thought it was too quick that the ball came out."

What did you think? Should that have been a touchdown, or was it the right call?