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Perry Fewell: 'Special adjustments' for DeSean Jackson

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell talks about the Giants defensive plan for Thursday's game.

The Giants don't want to see DeSean Jackson running free like this on Thursday
The Giants don't want to see DeSean Jackson running free like this on Thursday
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

How will the New York Giants handle speedy Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson, a player who burned them a number of times as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles? Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said Tuesday the Giants "will make special adjustments" for Jackson, who had an 81-yard touchdown catch Sunday against the Eagles.

"I wish you would tell me the secret because he is an outstanding player. ... He is still fast and he can still split the middle of the field. If he is out on the edge on the outside, he has jets and he can run," Fewell said. "We will keep our safeties a little bit deeper for that guy."

One change the Giants are apparently making is replacing safety Stevie Brown, benched Sunday after allowing a 44-yard touchdown pass, with veteran Quintin Demps. Fewell did not really want to discuss the move.

"We don't know. We are looking at all possibilities. We are just trying to get better," Fewell said. "He [Brown] is playing good football, but he can play better football."

Despite Fewell's reluctance to discuss the move, the fact that Demps was reportedly taking first-team snaps Tuesday -- the Giants' only real practice before facing the Redskins -- answered the question of who is likely to start at that spot.

First-year Washington head coach Jay Gruden said the Giants' defensive approach is "totally different" than what he saw a few seasons ago with the Cincinnati Bengals, playing more man-to-man coverage.

"Their secondary has improved greatly," Gruden said. "If you want to throw the ball, they have two very good corners that are playing extremely well and a good pass rush. It'll be a great challenge for us, I know that."

Fewell also side-stepped when asked about the percentage of zone vs. man coverage played by the Giants. "I won't comment on that. We are doing a little bit of both. I think it is 50/50. I'll give you a 50/50 answer on that one. I won't answer that for an exact number because I will be helping him out. I think we have man cover guys and we try to take advantage of that. We also can play zones because it gives you vision. We like to do a little bit of both," Fewell said.

"Offensive coaches are so sharp these days that if you play so much man, they have pick routes, they have level routes, they can run and bump you off and they can do some things that can free up a receiver. When you free up a receiver from a bump or what have you, then the big play occurs. You don't want to have just a steady diet of it all the time. I think the mix is good."