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Ben McAdoo: Offense 'moving in the right direction'

McAdoo says Giants "made some progress." Offensive coordinator happy with play of Eli Manning vs. Houston Texans.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So, Ben McAdoo, offensive coordinator of the New York Giants, what did you think of your team's best game of the season Sunday against the Houston Texans? That, roughly, was the first question McAdoo was asked during his meeting with the media on Tuesday. You have to love his response.

"We made some progress," McAdoo said. "We didn't find a cure for cancer, we have a long to go, but it was nice to see us moving in the right direction."

The Giants gained a season-high 419 yards against Houston and scored 30 points, more than doubling the total of 28 they scored in the first two games. They had one fumble, by Larry Donnell, but Eli Manning went 21-of-28 and did not throw an interception for the first time this season.

Manning's ability to play in the West Coast-based offense and adjust to the footwork and timing required have been question. McAdoo is pleased with the results thus far.

"Really since camp started, he has been progressing. Since he has gone through some injury things here in the offseason, he healed quicker than everyone thought he would. He is a tough guy, he's gotten a lot of work, and really at camp, you saw his feet coming along and you saw him progressing there," McAdoo said. "You don't get to see him at practice the way we get to see him in practice, and we feel it is starting to show up on Sundays."

It helps, of course, when you have a running back rush for 176 yards, which Rashad Jennings did on Sunday.

"We knew he was a high character guy. He has a lot of versatility, but you appreciate his toughness. You appreciate a back who gets stronger as the game goes on and it's certainly a testament to his toughness and the way he takes care of himself and the way he prepares each and every day showed up on Sunday," McAdoo said. "A lot of good backs get what is blocked for them. The special backs, they get the yards after contact and that is what you saw on Sunday."

McAdoo was also asked about Odell Beckham Jr., who practiced on Tuesday for the first time since Aug. 18. Beckham Jr. missed the entire preseason.

"It was nice to see him out there," McAdoo said. "He is a rookie. He hasn't done much practicing in our offense. He has spent a lot of time in the meeting room; he is trying to get himself right physically. When he comes back we are going to do whatever we can do to help him. Get him ready to play and he will be ready when he is ready."

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