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Can DRC fix the Giants' DeSean Jackson problem?

DeSean Jackson has been a Giant-killer for years. Can Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie finally put a stop to that?

DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants fans probably loathe -- and fear -- DeSean Jackson more than any other player in the NFL. That, of course, is because the former Philadelphia Eagles turned Washington Redskins wide receiver has hurt the Giants like no one else has.

At the top of the list of wounds inflicted upon the Giants by Jackson is, of course, the 2010 punt return that can never be forgotten no matter how badly you want to.

That is easily the most painful thing Jackson has done to the Giants. As a member of the Eagles, however, that was hardly the only punishment Jackson inflicted upon the Giants.

  • There was a 2009 45-38 Philadelphia victory in which Jackson burned the Giants for a 72-yard punt return touchdown and a 60-yard pass reception for a touchdown. He caught six passes that day for 178 yards.
  • There was a 17-10 Philly victory in 2011 where Jackson had six catches for 88 yards and three punt returns for 54 yards.
  • There was a 2012 19-17 Eagles victory during which Jackson had six catches for 99 yards and a score.
  • In the two games the Giants and Eagles split last season, Jackson tormented the Giants secondary for 15 catches, 195 yards and one touchdown.

During his career, Jackson has more catches against the Giants (50) than against any other team, and more touchdowns (seven) against any team except the Redskins squad he currently plays for.

Yes, Jackson has been a Giant-killer.

Do the Giants finally have the elixir for their Jackson problem? Covering the Redskins' speedster is one of the reasons the Giants gave Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a five-year, $35-million contract. There are few corners who run with Jackson, but he says DRC is "one of the ones who can."

Rodgers-Cromartie and Jackson know each other well from their days as teammates in Philly.

"I know what type of guy he is and he knows what type of guy I am. We are good friends, but once game time comes, we have to go at each other. I am going to have to beat him on a touchdown, and I am sure he is going to try to shut me down. It will be a good competitive nature and we will have fun out there," Jackson said during a Tuesday conference call. "We both have a mutual respect for each other."

When the two players went head-to-head last season, Jackson with the Eagles and DRC with the Denver Broncos, Rodgers-Cromartie held Jackson to two catches for 34 yards.

Rodgers-Cromartie is looking forward to the challenge.

"He is a good friend of mine. We do a lot of things during the offseason. I definitely know him and he knows me. That is definitely going to be a good match-up," he said. "There is definitely going to be some competition and a lot of talking going on."

Three weeks into the season, Rodgers-Cromartie has been worth the big contract the Giants gave him. Currently, his +4.2 Pro Football Focus score places him fourth among NFL cornerbacks. He has a passer rating against of 69.8, with an interception and three passes defensed. Rodgers-Cromartie has faced Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson in successive weeks.

Now, it's time to see if DRC can fix the Giants' Jackson problem.