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New York Giants news, 9/23: Giants getting ready for Redskins

New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 9/23.

Al Bello

Good morning, New York Giants fans! It seems like the Giants just finished beating the Houston Texans, but it is already time to gear up for another game Thursday against the division rival Washington Redskins. With that in mind, let's check the headlines.

Jameel McClain: 'Keep building' off Sunday

Giants' linebacker Jameel McClain was part of some top-notch defenses with the Baltimore Ravens. He was "excited" by what he saw from the Giants' defense in Sunday's victory over the Houston Texans.

"I think it is a mixture of everything. When you have a collection of so many people that are trying to get used to the standard or to get used to what exactly it is or how something is supposed to be done or what exactly a coach means, everybody has to get on the same page. I think what we are seeing now are players getting on the same page. Players and coaches speaking the same language. Not saying we didn't speak it before, but now we are speaking it clearer. This is only one game. We wanted to stack these games, so now I can consistently tell you this is what we are doing and how we are rolling better. I am not a person to jump the gun. Although I am excited about the performance like everyone else is, we still have to keep building on top of that."

Justin Pugh on the short week

What is like to prepare for a game on a Thursday, especially when you are an offensive lineman who played every snap on Sunday? Justin Pugh describes what the week will be like for him.

"It is something where it's part of the NFL, you have to be able to do that and get your body right. I think that you have to spend extra time this week outside of being at the facility to get that extra work that you need. Today was important to come in, get in the cold tub and make sure you are getting your body recovered.

"I did this cryotherapy, they put you in this tube and the fill it with liquid and nitrogen and it gets it to like -275 and it helps get new blood in your extremities, arms, legs. Massage, acupuncture. Just eating right, those are a few of the things that are outside of here."

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Giants’ Antrel Rolle On WFAN: ‘We’re Gonna Continue To Keep Climbing’ " CBS New York

Giants safety Antrel Rolle, joining WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Monday in his weekly spot, said that he doesn’t mind the short week and is ready for the challenge that awaits him in Landover.

"We need this in the worst way," the captain told Joe & Evan. "I’m excited, I’m gonna be upbeat. The team is gonna be upbeat. I think we moved in a positive direction this past Sunday, and we’re gonna continue to keep climbing."

Eli On WFAN: Giants’ Morale Sky High Heading Into Thursday Game In DC " CBS New York

"It [winning] changes the morale of the team … There was a little more energy, little more excitement around the locker room today, and in the meetings. Guys are upbeat and excited about this week. When you play well off a big win it’s fun to jump right back into it and stay on that high and keep it going," Manning said.

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