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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Giants move up ... a little bit

NFL Power Rankings for Week 4 show the Giants on the rise, but barely.

Alex Goodlett

Apparently, and probably justifiably, it is going to take more than one solid victory to get those who do weekly NFL Power Rankings to give the 1-2 New York Giants much credit. The Giants moved up, but barely, in a smattering of early Week 4 NFL Power Rankings found around the Inter-Google Tuesday morning. Let's have a look.

SB Nation (No. 27)

LW: 29

Washington Post (No. 20)

LW: 30 (a little respect from the WaPost)

QB Eli Manning, WR Victor Cruz and the offense finally got things clicking against the Texans and the Giants avoided a 0-3 start. But there was little time to savor that new-found success with a Thursday night road game against the Redskins looming.

CBS Sports (No. 25)

LW: 28

That was a desperation game against the Texans, and they played like it. Rashad Jennings had a heck of a day.

Shutdown Corner (No.29)

LW: 30

Eli Manning didn't throw any interceptions. The defense forced three interceptions. Voila.