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Coughlin: Giants have 'set routine' for Thursday night games

Giants have to travel to Washington Thursday night to face the Redskins.

Al Bello

This is a short week for the New York Giants, who face the exceptionally difficult task of being the road team when they travel to face the Washington Redskins in the Thursday Night Football game. Coach Tom Coughlin, as you might expect, has a plan for how to get the team ready for Thursday.

One thing it does not involve is doing much at all in the way of practicing. Coughlin said Monday that if the Giants do much on-field work at all this week it will be on Tuesday, and that even that would be "limited."

"We do have a set routine in our way in which we prepare for a Thursday night game. We experimented with this in the past; this is the one that we like, the schedule in terms of bringing guys in late today and having our normal Wednesday introduction in terms of meetings. Really the field work is very minimal. We want them to see everything but we don't want a lot of exertion in terms of ... I want them to move around enough to help the soreness, work the soreness out, but we don't need to do anything with full speed at all today. This is the way we approach this week and will continue to do that," Coughlin said. "We have a plan which incorporates all of our learning, gives us a chance through the use of jog throughs or whatever, get as much on the field as we can without taking away from the fact that you just played a very physical game and it is a very short week and we want to be able to play come Thursday night."

The Giants did catch one break in that they did not suffer any new injuries Sunday vs. the Houston Texans. We will see if they can overcome traveling on a short week Thursday night. It won't be easy.