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Tom Coughlin post-game speech: 'We stick together'

Here is some of what head coach Tom Coughlin said to his team after Sunday's victory

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin certainly was fired up after Sunday's 30-17 victory over the Houston Texans. Need proof? Here is Coughlin's post-game locker room speech to the players.

Give it a listen and enjoy the passion of the 68-year-old coach. Here are some of the highlights.

"Lot of good things today, lot of good thing."

"We did a good job of studying this team, believing you could win, of looking at it hard and figuring out how it was gonna get done, following directions, listening to the coaches."

"It was a helluva week because we all came together rather than go the other way. That's a big thing about this team and this franchise. We stick together through thick or thin."

Much more post-game reaction and analysis is coming your way throughout the day. An admission here is that yours truly hasn't even seen the game yet. I spent the weekend in Western New York at my son's college and sat in the stands Sunday watching the Buffalo Bills lose to the San Diego Chargers. So, I'm just starting to get caught up.